By Noname - / Tuesday 10 March 2009 09:56 / United States
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By  kandy_fml  |  0

I don't know why anyone would think you deserved this. You had no idea she was having an asthma attack. Breathing heavily sometimes happens when you're aroused. It was an honest mistake.

  sircletus  |  0

it's fun to go to California on spring break and go gay bashing with friends we branded "faggot" on some gay guys leg last year. good times good times i love colege.

  sircletus  |  0

49 damn straight. haha get it straight because op is gay (a.k.a) the people we need to kill in the second holocaust. hitler had the right idea just the wrong people.

By  Ole_Stinker  |  0

Do you have a romantic interest in this friend, or were you just horny? I don’t know if this is a FML or a YDI without that information. If things are going to be awkward with someone you were interested in, then FML. If you are just going to be a little embarrassed but didn’t potentially screw up a chance at dating this woman by rushing things, YDI.

By  allstarplayer324  |  0

If she really is just a friend then i have no sympathy for you if you just started kissing her...besides i have asthma and if somebody thought i was getting excited when i couldn't breathe...well they would not be giving me a massage or whatever anymore.

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