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So you kiss people's necks when they breathe heavily? Creepy.

I don't know why anyone would think you deserved this. You had no idea she was having an asthma attack. Breathing heavily sometimes happens when you're aroused. It was an honest mistake.


Well? Did you do it?

Lesbians can die in hell

Bigots can burn in hell

why, 49? are they taking the girls that u MITE have a chance at? :3

Has anyone noticed that OP is a GIRL?

I was just wondering about that

Yes she is a girl, people can be gay, why make a big thing about it.

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#2- Agreed. :D OP- I hope she's okay. FYL

Yeah totally when I'm getting ready for sexy time I sound like a tired dog

Because she was coming onto a friend without knowing for sure that's what she wanted. Or if she was even a lesbian or bi. Obviously.

so you just kiss your friend's necks when they breath heavily?

Just a 'friend'? Hope she's OK

wow i hope shes ok and don't worry about it its not like its ur fault she was having an asthma attack

Damn...that sucks, I would have been mad, but at the same time sympathetic.

So you kiss people's necks when they breathe heavily? Creepy.

Do you have a romantic interest in this friend, or were you just horny? I don’t know if this is a FML or a YDI without that information. If things are going to be awkward with someone you were interested in, then FML. If you are just going to be a little embarrassed but didn’t potentially screw up a chance at dating this woman by rushing things, YDI.

as long as shes okay this is funny, you kinda got owned haha

If she really is just a friend then i have no sympathy for you if you just started kissing her...besides i have asthma and if somebody thought i was getting excited when i couldn't breathe...well they would not be giving me a massage or whatever anymore.

...maybe she was just REALLY into it! haha