By Noname - 10/03/2009 09:56 - United States

Today, I was giving a friend a neck rub, when she started to breathe heavily. So I figured she was getting into it, so I started kissing her neck, she then turns around and says "Tell my room mate I'm having an asthma attack." FML
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So you kiss people's necks when they breathe heavily? Creepy.

Just a 'friend'? Hope she's OK


Well? Did you do it?

Lesbians can die in hell

Bigots can burn in hell

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Fuck you 49

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why, 49? are they taking the girls that u MITE have a chance at? :3

Has anyone noticed that OP is a GIRL?

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I was just wondering about that

Yes she is a girl, people can be gay, why make a big thing about it.

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#2- Agreed. :D OP- I hope she's okay. FYL

Yeah totally when I'm getting ready for sexy time I sound like a tired dog

Because she was coming onto a friend without knowing for sure that's what she wanted. Or if she was even a lesbian or bi. Obviously.

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so you just kiss your friend's necks when they breath heavily?

Just a 'friend'? Hope she's OK

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wow i hope shes ok and don't worry about it its not like its ur fault she was having an asthma attack

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Damn...that sucks, I would have been mad, but at the same time sympathetic.

So you kiss people's necks when they breathe heavily? Creepy.

Do you have a romantic interest in this friend, or were you just horny? I don’t know if this is a FML or a YDI without that information. If things are going to be awkward with someone you were interested in, then FML. If you are just going to be a little embarrassed but didn’t potentially screw up a chance at dating this woman by rushing things, YDI.

as long as shes okay this is funny, you kinda got owned haha

If she really is just a friend then i have no sympathy for you if you just started kissing her...besides i have asthma and if somebody thought i was getting excited when i couldn't breathe...well they would not be giving me a massage or whatever anymore.

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...maybe she was just REALLY into it! haha