By homeless4Christmas - 24/12/2009 05:54 - New Zealand

Today, I flew my wife, myself and three kids to pay a surprise visit to my parents who were going to be alone for Christmas. When we arrived, we found out they decided to go on vacation. We have nowhere to go. FML
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Ellowise_fml 0

Maybe call first next time ;)

Mutantking 0

Great job planning. Hotel Christmas!


Ellowise_fml 0

Maybe call first next time ;)

Did you even bother reading the FML? He wanted it to be a SURPRISE visit. -_-

which is why surprise visits are a bad idea. @OP - of course you have somewhere to go. HOME.

YayAmerica 0

Yes, TERRIBLE idea. Not to mention, he assumes that his parents are so pathetic that they NEED him to come visit to make their holiday complete and couldn't possibly have made plans on their own.

nam3 0

wow op theres such thing as a hotel

Mutantking 0

Great job planning. Hotel Christmas!

tuboshu1986 0

It's really a big surprise.

Smooth move Jackass. Try actually planning it with your parents next time. Or at least speak with them beforehand to find out their movements.

Lol, how far did you fly? they've recently opened these things called hotels where you can sleep and get ready and whatnot. They can be pretty nice. I'd check one out if I were you.

43- welcome to the Internet, 47% of all comments are rude.

if your in wellington you can come to my house.

youthink_fml 0

At least find out if they'll even be there. YDI.

Plan ahead and be prepared!

How bout home? lol