By Anonymous - 31/01/2018 01:30

Today, while leaving a job site, I put a bundle of pipe on my boss's van, picked up a few tools, and left for the day. He called screaming 30 minutes later to inform me that I didn't strap the pipe to the rack. It slid off the van and hit the car in front of him. FML
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Hellblazer_Sith 25

YDI. Should have done your job properly.

What? Do you want us to feel bad for you?


Hellblazer_Sith 25

YDI. Should have done your job properly.

rety1 13

That's the bosses fault. he should've made sure he didn't have a loose load before he went driving that vehicle.

Both are at fault. Always check if your equipment is tied to your car properly before you leave.

thehaystackerine 20

the driver of a vehicle is ultimately responsible for the safety of that vehicle, and it's load.

What? Do you want us to feel bad for you?

There goes that job! Well, if you’re strapped for cash, I’m sure a strapping, young man such as yourself can pull himself by his bootstraps and get a job.

Disque98 7

methinks he should just stay away from straps

People are kind of being jerks about this. You forgot to do something it happens. It just sucks that the thing you forgot to do resulted in something bad happening. Personally when someone else straps something onto my truck I double check it but I guess that's just me

My coworker told me to trust nobody even if you did it yourself always checkt it to be sure

like when a doctor forgets a clamp in you or a pilot forgets to lower the landing gear? Yes mistakes happen, doesn't mean there are no consequences

be more present when doing these things and mistakes happen a LOT less

Was it your responsibility to strap them to the van? And isn’t your boss at fault for not double checking anyways? That would be like a pilot going “well, it looked like they filled up the gas tank. We’re good for lift off.”

Lobby_Bee 17

Your boss is not a responsible driver. As one you should always make sure your car is up to safe standards before driving it. He should make sure everything is properly secured himself.

Darkshadus1 2

I had a foreman like this he expected me to anticipate what he wanted without being asked, it stopped when he caught me sitting and chilling and he asked me " What are you doing?" To which I replied "I anticipated that you wanted me to go for an hour lunch" plus this guy told everyone that at breaktimes we had to have one foot on a ladder (construction electrician) and what we were eating had to have a hole in it, so me being the smart ass that I am I sat on a bucket put one foot on a ladder and put a hole in my sandwich, needless to say he was pissed that I called him on his BS then I reported hom to my Union and he got busted down to a grunt like the rest of us and we made sure to give him all the crap work

You should have let him know that you put the bundle there and did not secure it. Better yet, you should have secured it. YDI. (I just hope the people in the car who got hit are okay. You could be liable for any damage and if anyone was injured.)