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  bahamit  |  18

As Jeff fox worthy says about rednecks applies to idiots. There are idiots everywhere... America just can't keep their most ignorant off of (he said the tv) everything, social media etc

  HylianWarrior  |  21

Sorry, but Donald Trump is all I need to say about America. You have no defence to that point.

Yes I realize not all Americans are dumb enough to vote for him, but his being one of the last two cantidates says a lot.

By  Dat_Class_Tho  |  26

Ah yes, the glorious lack of understanding about the most common technologies we rely on. Folks like your client are the reason why I.T. help centers always have to ask dumb questions like "Are you sure it's plugged in?"

By  ragnarok1540  |  39

Tell him that's ok, but he will have to wire transfer you 25 thousand dollar so that you can free up your assets that are frozen in foreign bank ... don't forget to mention that you are a deposed prince in political asylum, and that you need the money to save your people and reclaim your throne.

By  chuka81  |  27

You guys are quite backward. You still use emails, while your customers have progressed to gmail. More advanced people like me use kmails, but there are talks of developing brand new lmails.