By llmd - 10/08/2010 04:30 - Canada

Today, I called my boyfriend just to hear his voice since I haven't seen him in a while. His mom picked up and said "Chris isn't here right now, he's with his girlfriend. Do you want to leave him a message." We've been dating for 4 and a half months now. FML
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maybe he went somewhere with his mates that his mum wouldnt approve of, and said he was going out with you to cover?


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umm.... a girl thats a friend...? :D are you sure he knew that he and you were in a relationship?

his mom is probably old school... she probably mean girl-friend. not girlfriend, just the "girl" whose a "friend".

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depending on your age, she could have meant something different.

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YDI for not making him his sandwich

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I don't have a girlfriend... lol I know op isn't talking about me, it's a joke you ratards who take it serious.

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Like u said Selena, I don't have a girlfriend.. don't remember having one in these past months.. O.o

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Um I'm not a cheater, dont have time for that nonesense.. Never have been, never will be.

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you should have a guy call & tell his mom if she could let him know that he loved the other night & that he washed the underwear he left.

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the world is back in order selenas happy :)

It's funny because your boyfriend has another girlfriend. When he was thrusting in and out of her, I bet her pussy was nice and moist. Take that, legonut you bitch!

anyone thinks that maybe the mom lied? that she knew op was her son's girlfriend and being an overprotective bitch decided to lie to get them to break up?

blah blah blah no one cares about your problems op. it's probably nothing anyway

WTF my name is Chris and I've been going out with my girlfriend for a little over 4 months. but I never cheat. crazy coincidence I hope

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42 that's disgusting and not really appropriate for a public forum.

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no u have ur his backup bitch stop crying an get a new boyfriend unless u ugly then continue crying

We don't know this. Maybe she didn't made good sammiches.

oh shit! 4 months! that's a lifetime!(sarcasm) u shouldn't be too hurt, after that amount of time ur relationship was probably in between casual and serious. and now it is nill. quit crying. on to the next one.

@58 and 67 - To make a true legonut post, I had to write "nice and moist" at the end. How else would you have said it?

wow four months! that must be some kind of record. sarcasm.

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maybe OPs boyfriend lied to his mom. maybe he was doing something that he didn't want his mom to know about and being "with his girlfriend" was just an excuse.

Or,OR, he was cheating on her! Think about it.

ur probably a fat chick that he bangs but doesn't wanna be seen in public with

she probably just obsesses over this guy and just thinks he's her boyfriend but when really he's bangin otha bitchezzz

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It cudve been the mom's mistake. He couldve just been with a friend, and she misheard.

How could OP know he was cheating? Magic telepathic powers?

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freeze!! it's been so long since i've seen you on a post!

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He might not be cheating, though. Maybe his mom meant "female friend" (check the OED; "girlfriend" is still a new word), or perhaps he lied to his mom about what he was doing, because he wanted to go out and buy his mom a gift. OP: don't read into it or make assumptions. People get hurt that way.

31- how can your legs breathe in those pants ?:O

Trick question! they didn't breathe! they're my lil brothers pants so I was only in em for like 5 minutes

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deserve to die? TOO FAR! Christ, i don't think they're goid people but they don't deserve to die. That's acting as if infidelity is on par with other death sentences like being a serial killer. no just.... no. infidelity isn't worth killing someone over

well that sucks ass, what a dick...or maybe u just thought you guys were dating?


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I agree with 1. That sucks! You should dump him

maybe he went somewhere with his mates that his mum wouldnt approve of, and said he was going out with you to cover?

He could've lied to his mom I've used that as an excuse to go partying before.

Wow, he must be one attractive guy to have multiple girlfriends. You have 2 choices. Be happy that he has designated you as one of his harem or dump him. The advantages of going for the first option is if you befriend all his other girlfriends then if he dumps one of you then you can all group together to get ultimate payback on him. ;-)

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it's funny because legonut said so