By apparentlyhesbusy - 23/11/2009 05:09 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of almost a year invited me over to dinner at his house. Before leaving, I called him to let him know I was on my way. Just as he begins to tell me he'll call me back, I hear another girl in the background say, "Why don't you just tell her you're busy?" FML
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Why did he invite you in the first place?

Mx_Rider 6

damn,op that sucks simple solution, dump him.


Mx_Rider 6

damn,op that sucks simple solution, dump him.

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I love the color orange! It's my favorite!

Dump him because of what? Nobody would be stupid enough to cheat on someone who is ON THEIR WAY to them. OP we need more of the story before we care =D

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that's not true at all, I regularly schedule multiple girls for the same day, it's all about scheduling.

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OP, how about we make sure it isn't his sister or mother before we start jumping to conclusions. For all we know, there was an unsceduled, family event that they had to do RIGHT THEN...or else, and he couldn't tell you flat out. Go to his house anyway under the excuse "I didn't know what you wanted me to do, so I kept coming anyway" and make sure he's really cheating on you before you start flying off handles.

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well, maybe he is? lol he probably knew beforehand that she was gonna call him before she got there and he would have time to get the other girl out. maybe he wasn't cheating though, but it seems like it to me.

xD "I didn't know what you wanted me to do, so I kept coming anyway" My mind just went to a dirty place.

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Might be a family member, like a sister or cousin. OP should get all the facts first.

Why did he invite you in the first place?

You don't necessarily know he's cheating, though it is highly probable that is what he was doing. Why he would have a girl round knowing you're coming is beyond me.

I always have girls around when my girlfriend comes over... I have 2 sisters, umpteen nieces/nephews and a couple dozen cousins. Not making any statement about THIS guy, but the details of the story are far to sparse to draw any real conclusions. I remember this time my GF flipped out (understandably) at me when she saw me hugging another girl. Turns out it was one of my cousins.

moonfire: WTF? I have three male cousins and one female, and I hug them all. Why the hell not? Just because you might not be close enough with your cousins to hug them doesn't mean we all aren't. I hug male friends, too. Besides, who said anything about hugging their cousin OFTEN?

You should type up a thing that looks like a lab test and barge in on them waving the paper and crying. The paper would indicate that you had some horrible STD. (Don't forget to mention that you've been faithful and he's the ONLY person who could have given it to you.)

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lol, good one... op should definitely do that, but what if he wasn't cheatin'?

If not, then she simply explains it was fake/incorrect.

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It's a good idea... But a bit time consuming and I doubt OP would manage to barge in on both of them in time.

Could be anything. Like an annoying cousin who wants the BF to fix smth or whatever...

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Hopefully, she's just there making dinner which the boyfriend will claim he made himself. If she's there for another purpose -- Eeeeeeewwwwww!

So she's there making dinner for her and then suggests he tell his girlfriend that he's busy??? You make no sense.

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I'm just tryin' to help out a bro with something that SOUNDS innocent. I realize it's a stretch, but the dude is totally busted.

hahaha, must be that the parents has changed their mind about having the gf over.

We don't all live with our mommies still. FYL OP. I hope you didn't go over there after hearing another woman in the background.

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