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Today, I had an hour long meeting with my manager where she informed me the reason I had not been promoted is because she felt that people would not like to work for me, because I would, "make them do their job." FML
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I have come to the conclusion that your boss is an idiot.

well how sad is that. what happened to honest hard working people?


jdogg0119 4

Sounds like they need to get on the ball...

I have come to the conclusion that your boss is an idiot.

I would agree ol chap.

Quite the same with me fine lads

Now I'm reading every bodies comments in a posh English mens voice. It's probably a bit too entertaining.

zachattack112492 4

Who does their job in America?

He's boss for a reason.

38-Americans do their job in America, as well as foreigners that may have migrated to America for a better opportunity at life. Today isn't stupid questions day, is it?

TheDrifter 23

You still do your job MiM? I outsourced mine to an "undocumented worker". The work still gets done and I have 2/3 of my wage. Works so well I might even get a second job.

TheDrifter- I sympathize with you, I do. I hate outsourcing, because greedy bastards want to give somebody a job for a fraction of the wages, at the expense of people here. I was just annoyed that they were making a generalization that no Americans do work, as if all are lazy. But I agree with you.

MIM- usually you're right on point but I think that drifters comment may have gone over your head

TheDrifter 23

No, he realized I wasn't serious and didn't actually outsource my job. However, unsavory hiring practices have driven down wages in my industry by almost a third in the last 5 years.

Or maybe the OP is such a douche, and forces/command staff in a bad way. Even if im the boss, I wouldn't want my douchebag manager to handle my staff. And the OP just want sympathy, so he just posted that he just want people to do their job. Or maybe I'm wrong. Just my two cents.

Octwo 16

I am willing to bet that this particular phrase was not a direct quote and the OP is just butthurt over the real reason the boss gave.

80, Agree completely. Theres more to being in a managerial position than forcing people to do their job. I definitely read this as you're a ball buster who is so focused on productivity that your methods will cause the exact opposite effect - the kind who will reprimand you for taking three seconds to scratch your ass while working. The result is an unhappy workplace and a decline in productivity, and they clearly care about more than just raw numbers.

bugmenotmofo 34

Unionise. Its the only solution.

well how sad is that. what happened to honest hard working people?

TarieBoo 2

Theyre sitting down writting fml's while the slackers are being promoted..

myalleyway 9

the slackers are being promoted because of connections; if you're best friends with the boss, you are more likely to be able to do less work and still be promoted than the others.

Desensitized! Think a computer, etc. can do the work so, why try? Sad what the world is coming to, there are No more, ok very Few, honest hard working people anymore...

Maybe you should stop doing your job because, she apparently would not give a flying monkey.

Why would you suggest that? I don't know about you, but I like to contribute to society. Mainly repairing computers and various other electronics. Maybe our economy would improve if less people started thinking, "it's okay to not work hard because my boss doesn't care."

TarieBoo 2

so OP stops doing his job,no work gets done,buisness closes,everyone loses their jobs...yeah brilliant

22cute 17

I'm totally with you on that #9. I love hard work & I love to do it well. Sadly my boss punishes me for doing a good job and rewards people for socializing instead. I cannot believe how many of my coworkers fall for that & do less and less real work. I'm a high school teacher.

RedPillSucks 31

Quite frankly, I would like to see a flying monkey. I suggest you either go to her supervisor, or request a transfer to another position out of her group.

I enjoy working hard also as much as I can with school, my summer job, and after school activities (I'm only in high school). But maybe his higher ups are not promoting him because they are actually frightened of him getting their job. I didn't mean start sitting there like mushroom all day, but rather OP stop apparently being as good as a worker when his manager is near. Then, maybe he could get a higher pay and better position and snap whatever business into shape. PS. He wouldn't lose his job over my suggestion especially if the reason he's not getting a higher position is because he would be good at it. So everyone can just stop jumping down my throat now. Peace.

Well get a job were the boss actually wants I make money

That "I" is suppose to be a "to".

That "is" was suppose to be a "was".

That "were" was suppose to be a "where".

That "suppose" was supposed to be a "supposed".


The irony of this thread...*eye twitch*

Heaven forbid work gets done in a workplace. Stupid bitch.

fylx100 19

No one ever thought that maybe she just wanted to find an excuse for not promoting him and gave him that lame reason to go away or something?

When I saw your username I started singing that Ebony & Ivory song (if that's what it's called) thank you for the laugh.

baddawg365 0

Hey I don't know about you but I LIKE my mediocre, no work ethic, easy going, waste of space life...... Oh wait.... :(

... What do you work for? o_o

Must be "Don't Give a F$&@ Incorporated".

That sucks. Well, hopefully later on she'll realize she made a big mistake. Best of luck op.(:

ferrousWheel 6

a 10-minute discussion stretched into an hour-long meeting? Fear of productivity? Yeah, that sounds like management to me.

Yeah, that sounds like way too long for that conversation. Perhaps OP's boss really felt like playing Charades just then. Or maybe she's an Ent.

TarieBoo 2

doesnt matter if they dont like it? half the people who work, dont like their jobs you being over them wouldnt change that