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By Anonymous - 29/04/2020 14:00

Today, after my ex broke up with me, I threw out all the clothes he’d bought me before, which was basically my entire wardrobe. Anyway, this creepy guy who lives a few blocks away seems to be wearing my old clothes and waves my bras and panties at me. It’s gross and creepy. FML
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I would have kept them, especially if they were almost your whole wardrobe!


Boyufd 24

why would you through those clothes out if they are in good condition?

I would have kept them, especially if they were almost your whole wardrobe!

You should go out with him -- he seems to like you! He also has clothes to give you that fit. Win-win! For future reference, when getting rid of things after a bad break-up, burning gives you finality and a show!

LMFAOOO get protection. this shit tends to escalate.

bloopaloop 27

If you’re walking around with no clothes you’ll easily find another boyfriend.

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lifeis4me 20

I understand throwing out random, useless stuff (like flowers), but why clothes? Especially if it’s most of your wardrobe? You would’ve been better off selling the stuff so you could buy other ones

tounces7 27

So you didn't have any clothes at all before he met you?

My question is, the majority of your wardrobe consisted of clothes someone else bought for you? Maybe buy your own clothes from now on... you're a grown adult, right? And I'm sorry, but even if you broke up, throwing them out isn't the most responsible thing to do. At least donate them to someone in need - who may or may not be creepy.