By photoman - 14/07/2014 09:31 - Austria - Vienna

Today, I was informed by a laughing friend, that my phone must be taking and uploading photos to Google+. Among numerous black shots, there is a particularly nice one of me while I'm sitting on the toilet. FML
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the camera changes your race to black and takes a photo

srudez 14


Oh god, hope its nothing too embarrassing

Did you not read the part about her on the toilet?

That's nothing OP. I've seen much more private photos than that uploaded to G+ automatically. Funny stuff

My thoughts exactly #48. I wouldn't be too concerned OP, it's not the most popular of social media.

I don't think phone or Google plus can take pics automatically. The blacks could have happened in his pocket and apparently OP took a pic of him in toilet but didn't realize Google uploads everything unless you turn off Auto Back Up.

Can't you just delete the pic? And stop the auto uploads, although that must've been purposely set by a friend as a joke.

jazzy_123 20

I thought your pics were private with the auto back up on Google+? 'cause if not.... some people have and can see some pretty stupid pictures of me w my bf and my sister...

martin998877 12

I think we'd like to see those pictures too :)

srudez 14

Actually, in the moderation section it said "and a picture of my junk while sitting on the toliet".

Well, we don't know what that one from the bathroom looked like.

uglyheadedbitch 20

It looked like a person ********?

the camera changes your race to black and takes a photo

salvorican 24

Somebody asks a question and they're down voted?

In case that you are still wondering a 'black shot' is a picture which is entirely black. Often rendered to as pocket picture.

I hope you mean referred to, as rendered means something very different.

Ha, and #50 got down voted for asking a question...

It's when the camera turns into a racist.

r_bruce69 19

I hated when Google auto uploaded half of my photos. and they were all stupid too. I feel for you OP

llamaslikesoda 21

That's a real shit situation

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