By lucas - 12/12/2011 06:38 - United States

Today, I sat on the kitchen counter in my boxers for ten minutes running my feet under hot water. Why? Because my dad thought it would be funny to superglue my feet together. FML
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lakaiskate 12

Pay your mum to super glue his hand to his dick


cyrusyoman 5

superior his favorite shoes together

builditbetter09 3

How do you superior something?

cherrypie22 6

Probally have to blame auttocorrect for that :P

MerrikBarbarian 9

Are you stupid or just never seen super glue? That shit burns. It adheres things like plastic together by melting the plastics. It literally melts part of your skin if you super glue it. Unless you have glue solvent you will also rip hunks of skin off getting whatever is glued together apart. It's not funny at all.

jisaac09 25

Acetone works great to remove superglue. Idk if OP has sisters but fingernail polish remover does a fine job.

swimchica22 0

Am I the only one who wonders how OP got to the kitchen sink? O.o

MerrikBarbarian - no, it does not "melt" your skin. It simply bonds it together. There are medical cyanoacrylate glues, including one called Dermabond which I routinely use to repair lacerations. You can remove superglue from skin by soaking in warm soapy water or by applying acetone. Get your facts straight, son.

Funnier would have been super gluing your ass to the toilet seat.

blackheart24 10

That's awesome. The only thing worse is duct taping somebody's hands to their head and leaving them like that.

how was the first comment no "he was right" i am dissapointed

MeganLOvesPurple 0

I Was Wondering The Same thing !

lakaiskate 12

Pay your mum to super glue his hand to his dick

Or call CPS OP. Super gluing your child's feet together seems inhumane but I don't know the whole story so I shouldn't offer advise.

93 even better, replace his vodka with rubbing alcohol.

Have you never heard of a bathtub? Idiot.

RedPillSucks 31

Maybe he couldn't hobble that far (Yeah, I know...)

KiddNYC1O 20

Maybe someone was using it? Bastard.

But OP had his feet glued together and he had his boxers still on. YOU CAN'T BATH WITH BOXERS!! xD

kateheartswaffle 0

Maybe he fell asleep downstairs and the closest running water was in the kitchen.

yumlicious 4

Or maybe his home doesn't have bathtubs, only showers.

Ok fine, so sit in the shower. Anything is better than sitting your ass on the kitchen counter where food is prepared and putting your dirty feet in the kitchen sink.

flockz 19

or the obvious solution: you could just piss on your own feet.

yumlicious 4

It doesn't work like that Doc. My friend lives in an apartment with a tiny bathroom shower and a small pedestal sink. His only option would be to sit on the kitchen counter with his feet in the sink.

Hey Doc, not everyone has a bathtub. I only have a shower enclosure. No tub.

Torva_fml 16

Bad comment, much? It's hilarious... I wish my dad and I could joke around like that.... He's an uptight church-going prick.

That actually sounds like something I'd do willingly, minus the feet getting stuck together with glue part.

You'll have to get him back so bad on April Fool's

FYLDeep 25

^This for sure. Paint thinner may also work too if you don't have any nail polish remover. I have yet to try it though.

I've tryed that when I was younger when I got my my hands stuck in wax... It didn't do a thing and stripped my hands raw

Some people failed at parenting, like your dad. Honestly, how dumb do you have to be to super glue someone without reading the warning labels about getting it on your skin.

ikickgingers 15

I think... Lol. He knew the end result without reading the label. :)))));

AliCat18 12

#11 it was a prank. something fun! which obviously you have never tried! how can you base parenting skills on a harmless prank, i can promise you that OP will not die! infact her dad is awsome for being that out going and not being so serious!


I'm positive that OP is a boy.

ijnek 3

that's the fun part right there

I don't know where you're from, but round here lucas is a totally legit chick's name.