By sad_gay - 16/04/2009 08:40 - United States

Today, I went to a bar with two guys I was interested in. The first I'd been trying to go out with all semester. The second I had gone to dinner with and he seemed nice. I was the designated driver. They drank too much and, on the way home, hooked up in the back seat. FML
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That's so hot!

Sounds like you're not missing out on much, lol...

HAHAHA, can't stop laughing.... you should have taken picture and showed it to them later...

scorpioserpent 1

awww sucks for being too nice :/

theosguardian 0

what did you expect... three gay guys in one car and two were drunk... you should have joined in :)

Number 6 has the right idea. You're in a great position for a threesome. Go for it!

And THIS is why you always take public transportation.

I'm not sure why you were going out with both guys at the same time... there's no way this could have turned out well