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By HereToLaughAtU - 18/11/2014 04:16 - United States - Des Moines

Today, a customer said the pants she was buying rang up more than advertised. I quietly told her plus-sizes were not on sale. The customer yelled in front of a whole line of people, "So I'm fat and can't read! Any other insults you'd like to throw at me?" and stormed out of the store. FML
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Tell her she has anger management issues and is acting like a child. She literally asked for it.


To be perfectly honest, I think it's absolutely disgusting to have a sale just for thin people. I know OP is not responsible (unless OP is the manager..?), but damn, she has a right to be upset.

Plus sizes may cost more to manufacture. I'm sure they didn't exclude plus sizes from the sale just for the hell of it. OP has nothing to do with that though.

It's perfectly fine to have a sale on cheaper to produce children's clothes but not larger adult clothing. Why should that not apply to plus sizes?

42- it may not be fair but that doesn't excuse the woman's behavior. Besides, I highly doubt that op has any control over what is on sale and what isn't.

#42, you do realize that plus sizes take more fabric to make, and so the stores take a lower profit on them? How come If I get a yard of fabric for $30 (made into a shirt), Someone grossly obese can get 2-3 yards for the same price? That's not really fair now is it?

#61, I'm thumbing you down for using the term "grossly obese." That is, in my opinion, terribly offensive and just down-right rude. You could have used nicer terms, for example "someone of a larger size", to express your thoughts. Honestly. But maybe it's just me.

#70, he also could have used the example of height. It pisses me off that my clothes are $10-30 more expensive just because I'm 6'5". Life is just SO unfair.

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That's not exactly discrimination.. after all they aren't stuck like that, once upon a time I was obese and got offended at things like this but I got tired of it and instead of being offended I decided to change. now I'm of average weight and feel great. if anything having to spend more or "discriminating" against obese people is a great thing and I'm thankful for it for giving me the push to change my life for the better.

#70. Morbidly Obese is a medical term and was used correctly. I thumbed him up. I have used it in work, and have had it used in reference to me. I was not insulted.

They actually often have to create a whole new pattern for those jeans! Thats another reason why they usually cost more!

Just because someone isn't plus sized doesn't mean they're thin. Most plus sized clothing lines start at huge proportions (XXL or larger). Not to mention why should someone who is a size 4 pay for the same amount of fabric as someone 4x their size?

Saying it differently doesn't change their body type. Morbid obesity isn't something to be celebrated. And yes grossly obese is a medical diagnosis. Perhaps we should just change all of them. You don't get cancer you get non-happy cells.

#83 I've also used Morbid Obesity when documenting at work. I have never used "grossly obese". I think there's a difference.

I didn't realize that it was a medical term, so I apologize for over reacting a bit! In the context it was used though, it didn't seem like 61 was using it as a medical term. When I think of gross I think of it to mean the same as disgusting, so in my head it seemed like they were saying "disgustingly obese" which I found rude. But now that I know it's a medical term, sorry for getting slightly judgemental everybody!

You think your life is unfair because you have to spend more money than others to get clothes that are made for your size? Talk about a first world problem...

Isn't it also possible that the "special" could have something to do with supply/demand? For example, the smaller sizes didn't sell as well so they're trying to get rid of all the excess? Or maybe they have different specials for different sizes depending on the time period? Like how in the food industry the "large" format is on sale one week and then in the future the "small" is on sale? I have no experience in marketing or sales, so please don't flame me, I'm honestly curious ;)

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They might not have to be the same price, but why charge full price for plus sizes? At least do maybe the same percentage off both and just have a higher ticket price on the plus sizes if it's that big of a deal. Then it wouldn't seem so discriminatory... And yes I'm aware OP more than likely has no control of the pricing.

#81 while it may have worked for you, studies have shown that treating people horribly for being over weight is more likely to make them gain weight than lose it. Also, I don't think that it's ever a good thing to discriminate against another human being based on the way they look. The fact that they could lose weight doesn't give anyone the right to treat them like crap until they do.

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you was only telling her the truth tho. some people are nuts.

Yeah. Some people are nuts. 2, on the other hand, is just ig'nant.

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whats in the other hand again? oh yes. proper spelling of words. I'll take that hand.

#113, did you mean "ign'ant"? Kind of ironic if you did. :D

Tell her she has anger management issues and is acting like a child. She literally asked for it.

Though her behavior was definitely deserving of this comment, this is an incorrect use of the word literally

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#22, no it wasn't used correctly, unless #3 meant that the customer actually said the words "I'm asking for it." 'Cause that's what literally asking for it means. I'm assuming #3 meant figuratively.

She asked if OP wanted to throw any other insults at her, so she did actually ask. But I had to read the FML again, because I also originally disagreed with the use of the word "literally" in this case.

"Literally" was definitely used correctly, as Vegetarian27 previously mentioned. It could also work in the sense that it was silly of the customer to get angry at OP for telling her the truth (claiming that by correcting her, OP was implying she was fat and unable to read), when she was the one who originally inquired or "literally asked" about the price difference.

Being in retail really shows you the crazy side of people. You handled it well OP!

"Yes, you're also an asshole. Have a nice day." The customer IS always right.

Where have you been, Doc? I haven't seen you around for a while!

The trick is to make them think they're right. Often the customer is as dumb as a sack of rocks.

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Ya know, I'm sitting here waiting for orientation for a cashier position, and now I'm a little more anxious. But damn, no skin off your back OP! Not your fault they're ignorant!

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Walk out now! Get out of there fast! Hated my days as a cashier. Did it for three years and will never go back. Anyway, good luck with your new job, hope for the best. Always remember, the customer isn't mad at you, you are just the person in the immediate area they can yell at.

That sucks OP! Hopefully you didn't get in trouble.

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Sorry OP, that must've been a difficult story to retail.