By Szaszaspasz - Canada - Victoria
Today, my date came to pick me up for a date. As I was getting into his car, a large blister on my foot burst. My foot is now swimming in a pool of hot, liquid pus. FML
Szaszaspasz tells us more :
Hi! It's the OP. The blister formed earlier in the day because of a new pair of running shoes I was breaking in. The blister didn't seem too bad, but it got filled up as the day progressed. As I got into the car, it burst. I never let on because my shoes were not open-toes. The date was great, we went to Pizza Hut, but I got tomato sauce on my outfit. I'm a klutz FML This was in 1990. I was too nervous to run back up to my barracks and do something about the blister. I was 19 at the time.
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  jerzjay  |  17

It was probably too embarrassing to tell the truth, and it would have looked bad if she lied to try and get out of the date the second it was about to start

  gosh_mate  |  30

I always think the honest way (or the closest to it) is the best way.
Even if they just said that there is something digging into their foot and they wish to quickly change their shoes.