By hahasuckit - 25/12/2009 06:30 - United States

Today, my friends and I were shopping for dresses. I asked the lady at the counter for a size 4, she looked at me and mumbled "Yeah right." in front of everyone. FML
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Report her to her manager. Sales reps can get in a LOT of trouble for treating customers like that.

Yeah right because you look like a size 2!


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No, because she's too skinny for a four! Duh! Semi serious

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you should have punched her in the fukkin face and said whats that suposed to mean bitch just coz ur to fukkin fat to fit into a size 4...

Report her to her manager. Sales reps can get in a LOT of trouble for treating customers like that.

This. If she can't keep her stupid mouth shut, she deserves to be fired.

I agree with number four, she should be fired for that. That's extreamly rude.

Yea, I agree with reporting her to the manager - and gotten her fired for Christmas... it would have been a wonderful gift for her being rude to people.

What a bitch. Definitely report her ass. She should know better than to treat customers that way. Even if you really aren't a size 4, there are a lot better ways to go about suggesting a different size for you.

bitch. but how are you shopping on christmas?

often times people post things that didnt really happen that day, but because when you're writing an FML a "today" is automatically put in

why do some people insist they are several sizes smaller than they actually are? sorry but YDI. there's nothing wrong with being whatever size you are, there's no ~glory~ in being able to squeeze into tinier sizes. she was still rude to assume it was for you, it could've been for your younger sis or something. however, her pointing out you won't fit into size 4 didn't make you fatter, you being fatter than size 4 made her point it out.

the counter lady doesn't know whether OP can fit in a 4 or not, and neither do you. the lady was probably just judging wrong. i know people guess MY clothes size wrong all the time.

I agree. It's also true the lady shouldn't have been rude, but YDI if you asked for the wrong size because you are embarrassed about your real size. I hate girls that try and force themselves into smaller clothes because they are too vain to admit their real size. accept yourself and own up to it. if you actually are a size four that sucks.