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Today, after realizing my flashcards had fallen out of my binder, I asked my teacher if I could quickly go to my locker to get them. She said no and told me to go sit down. As soon as class ended, I went to my locker and brought them to her. Her response? "Why didn't you ask me to get these during class?" FML
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Your teacher is a flaming hypocrite, OP.

Honest response from a high school teacher here: you have no idea how hectic (the start of) a lesson can be. You need to let everybody shut up, sit decently on the right places, let them take their books and their journal, ask and answer not-course-related questions, give warnings to those who disobey the rules, give punishments to those who disobey the warnings... A pupil needs to pay attention to the teacher. A teacher needs to pay attention to all the pupils - up to 20 human beings with their own background and personality. Mistakes are made, things forgotten, but please, unless we're always batshit crazy, don't hate us for it.

I once had a teacher in first grade that I swear didn't like kids.

oh right, because memory is so vivid from first grade... not to mention the fact that in our child brains, the actual meaning behind most things that turned us down were lessons, not dislike.

35, this is a bit off-topic, but only up to 20 students per class? I used to have classes with over 50 kids, and that was normal!

My class in elementary usually had only 30 kids and now in high school we have about 60.

Man you people go to shitty schools if you have that many kids in a class

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hey, I remember my first grade perfectly, just because you don't doesn't mean all of us forget

#39 I remember a lot of shit that happened when I was 7. I remember one day, at the start of the year, she had to show us things like the hall, and in the hall was a giant projector screen and she was too short to reach the bottom of it. I laughed and she yelled at me :(

45, The only way I could see myself manage such a group is by letting them all work individual, learning the theory by themself and saying 'I sit here if you need me!'. That's not teaching, that's fancy babysitting.

My first memory was from when I was about 3-I was walking up my house stairs so my parents could put me to bed. My baby sister was screaming at the time ~ As for 7 year old memories, I have plenty xD In response to the original person, my Philosophy teacher absolutely despises kids. She only likes to teach ages 14-18 xD I go to a secondary school

I've learned to accept that teachers, no matter how smart, can be generally idiotic sometimes.

Wow sorry op I'm sure we can all recall a teacher that made our skin crawl. Next time try using the, " i need to use the bathroom" excuse. Don't worry you'll only have her for a school year. Bon chance!

I guess "BECAUSE **** YOU AND YOUR EYEBROWS" wasn't a proper response then :/

No, not both eyebrows. "F" one and make the other jealous.

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There's atleast one teacher like this every year!

You know that meme of that one guy with the bad hair and it says, "aliens"? I wish I could post it here as a response. Sorry, was a response to #8 and can't remove it now.

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Unfortunately you'll one day work for someone who will act the same as your teacher. These people are everywhere in life.