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By Anonymous - 07/10/2009 01:11 - Canada

Today, I went shopping for a new pair of jeans. I was feeling good about the fact that I was going down a waist size until the cashier decided to discuss with me, three co-workers, and the ten other people in line how she didn't even know jeans came in sizes that big. FML
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IndigoKitty 3

i'd complain to the manager. thats really out of order on her part.

congratz on going down a size! and soome people have no respect so deff file a complaint its the least u can do


IndigoKitty 3

i'd complain to the manager. thats really out of order on her part.

Exactly! Hm. If OP has gotten jeans here before (I would assume he's at least looked) then it's probable that the cashier is one of those skinny bitches who think the only jeans sizes are 0 to 4.

#5 that made my day.

@op you deserve it for not controlling your weight...

Disregard this... FML putting comments in the wrong places again.

chip: you're an ass. OP: Complain. Seriously. That's WAY out of line. They'll probably give you a gift card, too. I'd say get that, buy stuff with it right away, and never come back.

dude thats so true. i mean if you get yourself that obese then its your problem.

Hope that bitch got fired.

What a ******* RUDE thing to say!!!! Wow ur Mom must be really proud !!!!

lexiepullen 7

87- you don't know she is obese. The cashier could have just been a really skinny stuck up bitch who thinks people who are a little over weight are "huge". You don't know her size do you can't call her obese. OP- definitely complain and congrats on losing weight!!

cadillacgal79 32

OP is a guy

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I'm pretty ******* sure, he IS huge.

mousiegirl 0

It does not matter if he is huge or not! There is such a thing as customer service, and a paying customer should expect the cashier/sales person to be polite. That was so uncalled for on her part! I know I am overweight, but I have been literally working my ass off to lose weight and comments like that are so demoralizing! WTF does a person's weight have to do with how they are treated?

mj2123 0

Doesn't matter how big he is, the cashier was just rude.

Udyjay 1

Tell on that bitch. Whether you are big or not, that was absolutely unprofessional, and that is NOT good customer service. That DOESN'T make you want to shop there or not. People need to shut the eff up.

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Stupid ******* comment

congratz on going down a size! and soome people have no respect so deff file a complaint its the least u can do

Sounds like me when I found out I lost weight and could fit in my old jeans from 5 years ago (I'm a pack rat). First thing my Mom said when I visited was "You got fat!". Yeah....nice people in the world.

hey, I agree the mother was a loser, but she wasn't hypocritical. Learn what words mean before using them. "Hypocritical" means saying one thing then doing the opposite. Eg: saying "don't cross the road when the walk sign is red!" but then you go and cross when it's red. THAT'S being hypocritical. Being plain mean does not = hypocrisy.

I think the word "hypercritical" was used intentionally instead of hypocritical. Hyper as in very very.

hypERcritical = excessively critical. It is not the same thing as hypOcritical. Look it up. Learn to read before you criticize other people's vocabulary... because that IS hypocritical.

fckaduck 0

Heh heh #32 is a dumbass and makes me giggle xD

RR05 0

o my goed lilabear is an idiot. please kill yourself

CyclonePsycho 1

RR05, stop being so dramatic and grow an opinion of your own. Remember kids, you don't have to jump on bandwagons to look cool. =| Not sticking up for Lilabear necessarily, but why does everyone and their grandparent have to jump on one person's case every time a small mistake is made? It's redundant and ******* annoying after a while.

Intellectualist 0

People suck, why haven't people worked this out yet?

Intellectualist 0

they suck at working out that they suck, good point. People suck at most things, being polite is one of them I tend to find.

They don't suck enough though were it counts... That's my issue. Nah, but sadly, some days I wish I carried a giant hammer around.

Intellectualist 0

;) I suck where it counts. I find axes are better for such situations, hammers just don't cut it, and can get a bit too messy.

Quite clueless on her part, but you can't blame her. FYL, though. Congratulations on going down a waist size, now keep going until you reach a publicly recognised size. Then again, I don't know anything about waist sizes. I just take the skinniest jeans in the shop, and buy 'em. ._. So yeah, you can't blame people for being clueless. :x

Actually, you can blame her. Surely she's not so clueless that she just doesn't know how to be polite.

Goosie 0

i can't believe you just posted something to let everyone know how skinny you are...******* really?!? ...'oh, i don't know anything about sizes, i'm just so skinny and great that i have to just buy the smallest size i can possibly find...I'M SKINNY....LOOK AT ME, I'M SKINNY!!!!!!!''re pathetic. eat something.

For real.. Unless you live in Ethiopia, that shouldn't be an option for you... Get some meat on your bones, that's honestly more gross to me than a person being overweight.. :/

Well thats why shopping on the internet is better. Walmart you can buy online then exchange in store if need be.

People are so shallow... those who say or imply it's his fault for being larger (and although there aren't that many now, I can probably accurately predict there will be), I bet you don't go telling lung cancer patients that it's their fault for smoking. :/ It's not really any different; being overweight and having lung cancer aren't much different in the sense that they're both usually self-inflicted damage. Anyway. OP, I agree with #1 and #8... complain to the manager. You're a paying customer, regardless of the size of the jeans you are buying, and deserve courtesy. If I could manage to stay quiet and smile while being bitched at over things out of my control (i.e. stock) while working as a cashier, the least she could do is stfu about your waist size.

Intellectualist 0

On here, some people probably would say YDI for smoking... You havn't been here long have you? However, obesity is NOTHING like lung cancer...what so ever.

risforrrrcuhh 0

No, #19 is right, in the way that they compared them lung cancer and obesity are very similar. They're both health problems that are often (but not always) the result of something that the afflicted did to put themselves in that position. The diseases themselves aren't similar, but the way they got there are.

AliMarie 0

Did you really just compare lung cancer to obesity? Because I'm pretty sure you can't get second-hand fat.

Is it bad that I laughed at "second-hand fat"? I think so. I can't take any of this seriously.

Speaking as a former smoker, yeah I absolutely WOULD say it's your fault for smoking if you got lung cancer because of it. Some insurance companies are talking about denying benefits to lung cancer patients who got it from smoking. Also, thank goodness we can't get second-hand fat. That would be awkward.

Actually, I *would* go telling a lung cancer patient YDI for smoking (if they got the cancer from smoking... lung cancer is not always caused by smoking). And #24 is spot-on. Obesity and lung cancer can be very similar as they are often caused by the person's lifestyle. Not always, but often.

mj2123 0

@31 - Not as often as you think it does.

OBVIOUSLY I would tell a lung cancer patient it's their fault if they're a smoker. Especially since cigarettes come with that handy health warning on the box and macdonalds cheeseburgers don't. If you smoke and get lung cancer, sure it's sad because you have cancer but your fault completely. If you're fat because you eat like a pig, I'm sorry you're fat but it's your fault. OP either way it's not about your size it's about her being rude and that was totally uncalled for, should have called her on it on the spot and then she would have (hopefully) felt awful

the_stereotype 0

i wouldn't tell someone who smoked that had finally quit and then got lung cancer that they deserved it for smoking, though. that's kind of what the case is here

Duh, you WOULD say it especially because you're a "former" smoker. Making such comments is "rubbing in" which happens enough. Obesity = You shouldn't have eaten that much. Lung cancer = you shouldn't have smoked/that much. And surely it may be due mood switches that we eat or smoke, more. But that doesn't justify it, neither is "being addicted" it's just giving it a label so you don't have to deal with it, which both parties use. Lame Either way, not saying YDI, politeness is a standard in shops... when such is denied in their customer service, they're at a wrong and should probably just be fired unless the customer him/herself was being an asshole and provoked it. Appearance isn't provoking, if anything the asshole will say it to blame the other for being miserable themselves.

risforrrrcuhh 0

No, you can't get "second hand fat" but much in the way that you can get lung cancer for things that are not your fault (second hand smoke, lung cancer that doesn't come from smoking at all, which doesn't happen often, but does happen) you can become obese for reasons completely out of your control. There's diseases (hypothyroidism among others) that cause you to gain weight, no matter what you eat or how much you excercise, and make it damn near, if not completely, impossible to lose.

risforrrrcuhh 0

What are you confused about? I can clarify it for you if you fail to grasp the concept.

wingedtoad 0

Actually, second-hand fat does occur, sort of. Research has shown that chefs are often corpulent because they spend so much time in the kitchen inhaling fat particles from sizzling oil and whatnot. It was in the news a couple years ago.

make a complaint, teach him some manners