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  a_nutritionist  |  10

@28 hate to tell you, most girls arent any good at it. sure, the guy will praise you, and youve "never had any complaints" because guys, unlike girls (so i hear ;)), wont bitch you out for not doing it right. they will however tell you how great you were so youll do it again. even bad head is better than none at all.

if you think its not possible to do it wrong, you probably do it wrong. otherwise youd know the mistakes to avoid.

  bpell15  |  5

Bad blow jobs don't feel good at all, and I know from personal experience that someone can be given a bad bj. For example, when someone doesn't open their mouth enough. yeah that doesn't feel too swell.


you either pissed him off really hard for some reason, or he still misses you. Otherwise he wouldn't take the effort to do such a thing and he would have moved on already...

  nerdchic  |  5

right on 49!
I'm a girl and even I know people can give bad bjs.. just like guys can screw up eating us out.. who ever thinks there's no wrong way is retarded.

  KingGeorgeGal  |  12

Yeah I agree with 49, and he should've just delected it when he saw it and not believe him. Maybe your ex didn't like the way you did it and your new boyfriend will. Op all ex's are dicks, just move past it .

  FUGYU  |  2

74- win, sometimes, FML should do what YouTube does with the 'best comments' too bad some of the really good ones can end up on the bottom and never be seen

  tsume24  |  3

42: it's "could HAVE" and "should HAVE." sorry for being a grammar nazi but "could of" and "should of" make no sense...

  eog314  |  0

I think 3 was reffering to OPs current boyfriend. If the current boyfriend believes the ex that she gives bad blowjobs, then she could give her current boyfriend a good one..


Sorry 3, Sometimes being thumbed down is due to lack of common sense. I'f they get a chance, some people will attack you if your statement can be just a little contradicted, and make it a whole lot worse than it is. See?---> *Sigh* Laws of the FML Troll rule number 254: Thou must Down Thumb a slightly confusing comment, and the proceed to badmouth and twist the OC's (Original Commenters) words around to change the slightly confusing comment into a "idiotic comment" so in the end, you do not look bad.