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By SueJonn - 12/08/2021 10:00 - United States

Today, the essay-writing guy I met on Facebook Messenger who I paid $200 to do my research paper gave me a paper unrelated to the topic. It’s due at midnight tonight. It’s a 8-page long assignment. He blocked me on Facebook. Goodbye graduation. FML
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Good. That's on you for cheating, dumbass.

You got finessed badly. But hey, you get what you paid for. Tough luck. I hope you still reach your goals and put in more effort next time.


You got finessed badly. But hey, you get what you paid for. Tough luck. I hope you still reach your goals and put in more effort next time.

Good. That's on you for cheating, dumbass.

Just contact your professor with screenshots of your exchange with your ghost writer and the proof of the money transfer. Surely, the professor will give you an extension to hire a better writer and probably give you a few hundred bucks to make sure you get a quality employee. Give that a try!

When I was in college, I never understood why people had a hard time writing a long paper. Every single professor I had who required term papers, always stated so at the beginning of the semester, so I always asked about it, to get an early start on it. I would always be nearly done with them, about the time they mentioned it later on.

Even without being such a goodie-two-shoes, you do at least have the whole semester to put it in the backburner, let it simmer and should have plenty of ideas by the time you start. Once you have the overall structure in mind, writing such papers doesn't take more than a few hours.

I learned the hard way about waiting to do papers. So when I finally went to college in my 30’s, I decided to get a jump on them. It wasn’t goody two shoes, it was being smart with time. Going to school full time, working full time and raising kids at the same time, makes you be smart with time management

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I just BS'd my papers. Had one professor who let us email them to him by the end of class. I'd start and finish the paper WHILE IN CLASS, answer questions for my "class participation" grade and still get A's on the paper. World Civ. Didn't like history anyway. For ethics, I'd just write a paper and find sources that went with what I said. I'd also do those at the last minute. My last minute papers always got better grades than the ones I did with time to spare. No idea why, Haha. I mean, I guess had I tried harder I wouldn't have only graduated Cum Laude...but hey, no one even asks about that now.

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When I was in college, I was a terrible procrastinator. I NEVER started an assignment before the night before it was due. I did all my own work and got great grades. Procrastination or no, do your own work!

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You deserve it for cheating. Next time try writing your own paper.

That's blatant cheating. You don't deserve to graduate. Are you planning on having other people to do your work in the real world, when you get hired for a job?

Maybe he's planning to be the type of manager everyone hates, in which case the answer is definitely yes.

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That’s what you get. 😂😂😂😂

Yeah, there's no way you don't deserve that. Being lazy, paying a complete stranger to do your work for you, a stranger you met online no less... if you're got the Internet to post about your idiocy on FML, you have the capability to do your own assignments.

I weep for the species. This isn't even the only post like this in the past two weeks or so.