By fuckjuggalos - 29/06/2012 23:57 - United States - Eugene

Today, I found out just how easy it is to be launched against the wall and sucker-punched into oblivion by a 200-pound former Marine turned professional body-builder. I discovered this after I told my fiancée's dad that we were expecting a baby. FML
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So I guess that's the only baby you'll be expecting?

What if they're twins?


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b0ngs 7

^Oh my,what exquisite vocabulary you possess! It boggles the mind!

Trisha_aus 15

Really? Wow? Guess the #1 disease got to you huh

Trisha_aus 15

Op reminds me of Gaylord Focker

GVirdi 11

1 your comment seemed so well thought out

CaramelMacchiato 13

#24 #32 Why the HELL do you care? Do you guys have anything better to comment other than that? Those comments are starting to get extremely annoying. And yeah, this is probably a wasted comment too, but seriously guys, it's not a big deal! It doesn't matter if she's commenter #25 or #100, "wow" could have been the first thing that came to her.

#36 Don't overreact so much, even if it is annoying to you.. They're probably upset they didn't get first so they have to complain but that doesn't mean you have to stoop down to that level too. Just be chill

outstandtacular 11

36 - I sincerely hope you don't expect anyone on this site to give a damn about your opinion...

I sincerely hope you don't expect anyone on this site to give a damn about you not giving a damn.

CaramelMacchiato 13

#51, you're right. It's just something that people have been commenting A LOT frequently. But nonetheless you're right, it's not something worth bitching about. JS.

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Happy Canada day...for tomorrow..

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#36 then you must go on this site too much. I rarely see them, even if I do, why does it matter?

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36- I agree with you but don't take it to personal. It's true what you said: it's their opinion and it was probably the first thing to come to their mind.

Oreohugzpenny 4

He did not want to be a grandpa?!?! WTF!

Oreohugzpenny 4

57 No one gives a shit about yours either.

So I guess that's the only baby you'll be expecting?

Don't mess with ex-marine juggalos people

I'd assume so, after such an ass kicking.

No, not ass kicking, more like body launching, or face punching.

brackattack 4

No such thing as an ex marine... Former Marine... Or once a Marine always a Marine

124- It obviously got the point across.

mylifesucks_fml 1

wait- did he propose before or after she got pregnant, because that could change everything!

Well OP might not be able to have kids anymore.

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124 to say former marine is, according to any thesaurus, the same as ex marine.

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165 the only ex marine is a dead one it out of service, retired, formerdischarged anything but ex

citymayer 7

Oh god forbid somebody use the wrong term for someone who used to be called something else. It literally means the same thing.

I spose he REALLY did not want to be a grandfather...

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Hero? He sounds like a meathead thug who probably got dishonorably discharged, if his psychopathic rage issues are any indication.

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Really? He doesn't sound like someone who is just overprotective of his daughter ? You do not know the OP, and the dad does. Obviously he doesn't like him, maybe the girl is in school and this will affect it !

BunchieRules 31

73 - Even if they are still in school, I don't believe beating the living daylights out of the father of your first grandchild would be the best solution.

IworkAt711 14

73- most people in school dont have a fiance.

Llamacod 11

104, while what you say is statistically true (if you take all people in school from kindergarten through masters programs in college; one could easily say "most people in school don't have a fiancé") it is possible that the daughter and op are in college

Either way, Papa overreacted; the OP and his lady are fiancés, so what's grandpa getting so worked up about? Even if he doesn't approve of the OP, kicking his ass probably won't convince the daughter to dump him...

xCrazyMexican 4

Maybe op is a goober and he didn't like him I think he is a hero. Fuck you op, ya goober

73, You don't have to like the guy, you do have to have the ability to not launch an assault on someone who your daughter has chosen to spend her life with because they do something that is perfectly normal and natural for someone in a committed relationship. Whether you think its stupid of them or not, you don't just attack the guy, I don't care whether they're in high school or not. Fuck that idiot, he needs to be locked up.

Should have married 1st then had sex

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I gess you dont want any more kids

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Read the post again ...

What if they're twins?

reallytho3 11

Well in that case... *plays taps* lol

jujubunni5 9

Couldn't have waited a few more months until the wedding before being unprotected?

And maybe they were actively trying. It can take months to get pregnant.

MarisaCB 16

And why should they wait for the wedding? Maybe they wanted a baby, and then decided to get married. That's what my parents did. It's their lives, and obviously something they were okay with.

You don't have to be married now to get pregnant ya know

You can still get pregnant while using protection. It isn't 100% fool proof. Stop being so judgmental and assuming things. It makes you look ignorant.

unknown_user5566 26

9- If this FML was posted by a 15 year old with no intent to marry the person they knocked up, your comment would be appropriate. Unfortunately for you that is not the case, and you just made yourself look like a judgmental snob.

Apparently they didn't want to wait. Neither your business nor her dad's.

MarisaCB 16

193, that's extremely narrow-minded. Your beliefs are not the same as everyone elses. I assume you're against homosexual relationships as well? But I can assure you, not every person in the entire world waits until after marriage to have sex. There is no "they should!" They don't have to. It's their life, their decisions. Your probably-fueled-by-religion beliefs are extremely old fashioned.

At least they are getting married, and deciding to give the baby the parents he/she deserves.

Every post I've seen you make so far have all been equally as annoying as the next. Go die.

Go fuck yourself.

Obviously this ex-marine/body builder doesn't know how to let his emotions out. He's just afraid to show he's actually elated, so instead he slammed you against a wall and beat you to a pulp. Don't be fooled, he only made you cry so he wouldn't be the only one with tears streaming down his face. (,: Congrats on the expected baby~!

TTEmeraldRaven 3

This guy knows how to let his emotions out. He just does it in such a way that the person on the receiving end is the one who has a problem with the technique.

And you know this how??

Picolli 6

Because he's the all knowing fucking guru from avatar the last airbender!

Picolli 6

Iit's my body I do wha I wann

GlitterAngel 8

Totally agree! Psychology in its finest form. Lol.

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What's an "ex" Marine?