Jump on me, I beg you

By RachelVanLannen9 - 12/07/2010 01:35 - United States

Today, my boyfriend bought a pogo stick. Now he rides it more than he rides me. FML
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No woman wants a guy riding them. That's strange. OP, go buy yourself a nice pogo stick. I'm sure you can figure out a fun way to ride it, just like your boyfriend. :P

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surely a pogo stick is more fun than you

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His pogo stick provides more satisfaction than you! FYL op lol

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I'm guessing he likes long and hard things XD yikesss sorry

@14: On the contrary - I have heard many women say they want exactly this, and complain when they're not getting it. If it's not something you want that's fine, but just as men are different (some prefer pogo sticks for example) so too are women different.

FFML_314 11

My comment was sarcastic. :]

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lmaooo ! he probably has more fun with that, then you.

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I thought for a minute you meant the hot dog pogo. *awkward laugh*

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hot dog pogos are sex on a stick =]

@54 ah - ok, sorry. Forget I said anything (oops)

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wow 105 really? cowgirl = girl on top and she is then considered to be riding a guy, or spin her around and reverse cowgirl, still riding a guy, you must be very young or kinda slow. it has nothing to do with gay sex or a girl giving her boyfriend anal

and more if I hadn't hit the send button sh said him riding her, which would either be missionary or doggiestyle still nothing to do with gay sex or his asshole lol

lol. that's the same reason I opened the comment section

so when you're having sex you put on a strap -on and your boyfriend takes it in his ass?

I went down on a date with a girl a bit late. She had so many friends! I brought my pogo stick just to show her a trick. She had so many friends. Unannounced was their game, no players with no names they'll end up double-quick, but just one pogo stick. Every one gets to play runaway exposè it was so exotic, but just one pogo stick. break his pogo gurl. if he prefers it over letting u ride his then there's something wrong. new bf?

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I thought the girl rides the guy? Or is he bi, so you got a strap on?

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lol yu get points for phrasing

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1-so does this mean tht they are gay??

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you look exactly like my friend

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it must go up and down faster


*Doggy-Style* ^Man Rides the Girl^ lol

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Hey, pogo sticks are fun. :P

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Hrm, you have a point Taylor. :P I'm pretty sure I'd take a pogo stick over a girl any day.

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how would he ride you anyways

For Your Info: * Missionary position is often called "riding" * Doggy style is also often called "riding" In fact, a common English (and Irish) slang term for sex is "a ride" ... as in "I suppose a ride is out of the question?"

oh okay lol now I understand, that actually does make sense after all lmao

55 your so right in England and in fact Scotland too it's often refered to as a Ride a jump or even a Feck 

I think you need to find a new boyfriend

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maybe you should show some initiative (sp?) and go seduce him!

cuz ur booty don't bounce like a pogo stick