By Anonymous - United States - Shreveport
Today, I was in a public bathroom with the runs when I noticed my stall didn't have any toilet paper. I was the only one in the bathroom, and I thought I could make it to the stall next to me and grab some with my pants down. I wasn't actually the only one in there. FML
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By  chris_ohhhh  |  7

Toilet paper: $6 for a 20 roll pack
The look on OP's face when he comes out the stall: Priceless

Always make sure to check for toilet paper before going inside the stall :)

By  giraffelovergirl  |  19

One day at school I went in the bathroom and this girl was going "Hello? Hello? Is anyone on here? I need toilet paper!" I went in the other stall then left without giving her any.. I still don't know who it was 6 years later or if she ever got toilet paper.

  Bigfabthetruth52  |  22

Well thanks for letting us know you're a dick,smfh.