By Anonymous - 30/09/2013 10:30 - United States - Shreveport

Today, I was in a public bathroom with the runs when I noticed my stall didn't have any toilet paper. I was the only one in the bathroom, and I thought I could make it to the stall next to me and grab some with my pants down. I wasn't actually the only one in there. FML
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JoeGrant 12

Stranded, stranded on the toilet bowl. What do you do when you don't have a roll? You must prove that you're a man and wipe it with your hand.

Nightwing98 22

*Loads shotgun* Anybody got any "shitty" puns?


JoeGrant 12

Stranded, stranded on the toilet bowl. What do you do when you don't have a roll? You must prove that you're a man and wipe it with your hand.

Some places still have the paper towels to dry your hands. That could be used.

*In Morgan Freeman's voice* If you're on the John, and all the toilet paper's gone, be a man, use your hand.

tjv3 10

So you didn't wipe the seat first... Gross now you might get warts on the brown eye... Always always wipe the seat first

CaiDog 20

Did you try to grab the persons wallet?

fishstick557 14

Haven't you ever heard of better being safe than sorry

Nightwing98 22

*Loads shotgun* Anybody got any "shitty" puns?

just wondering if they were on stall number 2! not a great one but I figured I'd give it a go.

ThatFancyPenn 18

#28 I don't know what would ever lead you to believe that's funny.

I've been awake for 32 hours straight at this point, my sense of humor is broken until that chamomile kicks in.

Rainhawk94 27
alshygirl 14

would be pretty awkward when you have your pants down, looking under the stall and somebody accidentally sees you

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That's when you compliment their shoes, 44. Bathroom compliments are the best! Unless it's some guy staring at your urinal, those, those are just a ******* weird..

raininginseattle 9

Better yet. Always check that there's tissue. Then you won't have to.

You should have asked if anyone else was in there before leaving the safety of your stall!

ThatFancyPenn 18

Or you know spare the embarrassment of having someone hear your voice and then you'll awkwardly always run into each other in public

How would it be embarrassing? You'd just say "Anybody in here?"

Toilet paper: $6 for a 20 roll pack The look on OP's face when he comes out the stall: Priceless Always make sure to check for toilet paper before going inside the stall :)

Rainhawk94 27

I fart as loud as I can when I poop to announce my presence

ThatFancyPenn 18

When I hear someone by the stall I cough because I don't want them to recognize my fart

@53 But then they could recognize your cough!

One day at school I went in the bathroom and this girl was going "Hello? Hello? Is anyone on here? I need toilet paper!" I went in the other stall then left without giving her any.. I still don't know who it was 6 years later or if she ever got toilet paper.

I just imagined a decomposing corpse still sitting on the toilet, having never gotten off it because nobody would lend her a hand.

DrownedMyFish 18
Bigfabthetruth52 22

Well thanks for letting us know you're a dick,smfh.

So, you couldn't share something that you weren't even using? How very unkind of you.