By Caught - 11/11/2010 13:34 - United States

Today, I was in the car hooking up with my boyfriend. He was on top of me when I noticed my neighbor jogging toward the car. Instead of hiding, I felt compelled to wave as he jogged past us. FML
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did your neighbor wave back?


also, wouldn't you be too involved in the sex to even notice him walking by?

did you get dick slapped?

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nothing wrong with being a voyeur.

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oh I know

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you fail...

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you fail...

the sex must not have been good

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YDI for not just hiding you fucking idiot. I dont't understand how this went through.. It's not an FML beacause you could've easily prevented it by simply not waving.

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if he was on top of u, where were you? if you were in the back seat of ur car, how did you see the neighbor? was your neck bent at a 90 degree angle? if u were in the front seat, how was he on top of you? unless, of course, you are a guy. and your boyfriend rode the s*** out of you. :)

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butthole cheeze! lmao. thats fantastic! love the name.

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I agree. win

well ydi for waving u fail

wait...your neighbor? if you were home, why didn't you just do it in the house? and how did you notice your neighbor jogging toward the car if your bf was on top of you in the car?

I'm guessing the OP lives with parents who demand a nookie-free zone for their darling daughter and therefore needs to do the nasty in the car :P

He could have been kissing her neck so her head was turned or something like that lol still how embarrassing to wave especially if they're like my neighbors!

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