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By  chronicfiend  |  0

YDI for not just hiding you fucking idiot. I dont't understand how this went through.. It's not an FML beacause you could've easily prevented it by simply not waving.

By  butthole_cheeze  |  0

if he was on top of u, where were you? if you were in the back seat of ur car, how did you see the neighbor? was your neck bent at a 90 degree angle? if u were in the front seat, how was he on top of you?

unless, of course, you are a guy. and your boyfriend rode the s*** out of you. :)

  Iskaria  |  0

I'm guessing the OP lives with parents who demand a nookie-free zone for their darling daughter and therefore needs to do the nasty in the car :P

  hayleyjames  |  0

He could have been kissing her neck so her head was turned or something like that lol still how embarrassing to wave especially if they're like my neighbors!