By peak4u - United Kingdom - Milton Keynes
Today, I was walking down the street holding my boyfriend's hand, when a seemingly sweet old man said to him, "Hey, you've got to hold her hand properly". I asked him to show me what properly meant. He licked my hand. FML
peak4u tells us more :
Hi everyone, some of your comments truly made me laugh. But more importantly I'm concerned for those of you who cannot understand why I'd talk to a seemingly friendly old man when I'm in the company of my boyfriend, it's just common decency my dears. My boyfriend and I have a really strong relationship and we love to annoy each other for fun, he took it jokingly but pretended to be mad at me for a minute but then proceeded to hand me some hand sanitiser ... No harm done.
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  garrett_8614  |  14

Agreed, that's beyond disgusting. Who knows where his mouth has been. Part of me wonders why she even asked the old guy to show her, especially with her boyfriend right there. That definitely sucks though

By  False_Stupidity  |  41

I guess that old man has the technique well and truly licked.

It's always handy to know the proper way of doing things and there will always be old people willing to show us how.