By Anonymous - / Saturday 16 January 2010 09:10 / Australia
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F**K YOU ASSHOLE!!! i seriously hate these comments!!! "YDI for living _____, YDI for being _____, etc.. I live in Australia aswell. And OP, im really sorry that happend to you.. I hope you get the job and have some revenge on who ever did it.. lol

Honestly I think you're going to have fun working there. I mean normally places are boring and no one really gives a crap about employees. At least they put you through a hazing which probably means that everyone is pretty close and you're probably going to develop close friendships there.


Or it could also mean the people who work there are total assholes with no respect for human decency. I've worked at a few places like that. There's 'friendly' work environment, and then there's 'cult-like group hostile towards outsiders'. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference, especially if you can't read social cues.

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