By ygrowup2fast

Tonight, on Grey's Anatomy…

Today, my wife wasn't feeling well. She called her doctor, who isn't seeing patients due to COVID. Had to take her to the ER. After numerous tests, they told her that her potassium levels were low. Diagnosis: eat a banana. When we get the bill(s) from the hospital, this will be the most expensive banana ever. FML
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By  Seeya55  |  31

Was there no walk-in's near you or was it too late? I know it sucks after having to go and finding out it was just low potassium. But what if it wasn't? NO ONE has foresight into a diagnosis. It could have been so much worse. Unfortunately you weren't able to find an urgent care open for blood tests, but FORTUNATELY she's okay!

No one likes blowing that much money on a doctors visit, especially learning it was a mild issue. It's happened to me before when I first got married. Better safe than sorry, and low potassium CAN be deadly if left untreated!

By  Sertorius  |  7

Every time I hear a story like this, I'm amazed that you would have to pay anything at all for what sounds like basic medical care. The fact that you do should outrage everyone. In Australia this would be free to any citizen or permanent residents.

  Nhayaa  |  21

Same in France... Welcome to America, the greatest country in the world! I wonder how much they will ask their citizens to pay for a covid-19 vaccine if we ever find one... 🤔

By  juggalo2  |  15

Did the hospital provide a banana? Did it cost $50? Will your insurance cover it? It would be funny to get an actual prescription that said "eat a banana".