By Sick - United States
Today, I went to a fast-food joint and ordered off the $1.00 menu to save money. Five hours later I go to the hospital with food-poisoning. After a whole day of not eating, crapping, puking, having tests, and a bunch of IV fluids, my $1.00 burger ended up costing me $2,000 in bills. Really. FML
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  Trevv  |  0

... I can already hear the "You deserve it for eating fast food." Well, you don't. You're allowed to have a cheeseburger every once in a while if you feel like it.

  Loosechange  |  0

Wow really everyone still replies to 1 so people can see there comment. Ok well I am actually commenting on number 1 and saying that it probably was McDonald's because they are disgusting and do not clean there building and if you eat there you deserve to get food poisoning. Also this is fake because the place that gave you the food poisoning would pay for your medical bill if it was there fault.

  Loosechange  |  0

Canada is the best country We have no enemies, more than half our population is not obese let alone fat and do you know why America is below Canada because they are our Ball-sack.

  splatz16  |  0

well Canada is really awesome but America is really awesome too because of all thevarietys of places.and we shoud n't hate eachother beavuse we are almost the most alike countries out of them all and just because some Americans made bad choices it doesn't speak for them all.and don't stereotype Canada pls we are normal ppl

  kelardy  |  11

pfft sure, but you also pay $20 to do to dennys to pay for that healthcare system. not so free when going out to eat costs more then twice what it does in places where you pay your own health care bills

By  plethora  |  3

It would cost you less to buy groceries and cook decent food than to eat that crap. YDI for thinking "saving money" is justification for eating a cheeseburger.

Which is not to say "don't eat cheeseburgers". I love cheeseburgers, but I'm old enough to admit that I eat them because I want to, not because I'm pov.


Let's break this down.
Meat is expensive.
Hamburger buns are expensive.
Lots of people actually can't afford these things.
Sometimes, when you're poor, it's the only affordable way to get a little protein.
Until the only thing you can afford is a 17 cent pack of ramen, you probably wouldn't understand.