By qwaynick - 21/12/2010 09:25

Today, my wife got her second kidney stone in a month. I gave her some pills to help with the pain. An hour later she started hallucinating, pulled down her pants and tried to pee on our couch. FML
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You probably shouldn't have laced her Vicodin with LSD.

hippiechick96 3

what kind of pills did you give her? xD


doctor_itsmylife 3

maybe it's HER couch and she wanted to mark her teritory

maybe that's the only way he can get her to take her pants off.

persianjr1 7

i dont know about you but im trying to figure out what she was hallucinating about. :3

deannamarie12 0

Haha, that's kinda funny :3 But then again, she couldn't help hallucinating.

EffinToofer 3

YDI, dude. If she is indeed passing a kidney stone, then she needs a doctor, not random pills that can get you both put in jail.

38- Some people can react really badly like that to even just regular painkillers...

Me_iz_a_Bboy 0

but random pill that can put you in jail are the best

iSitt 0

ydi for buying cheap meds over the Internet

38 ur a bitch shutup, now im going to go smoke a bowl of.. MARIJUANA BITCH WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO BOUT THAT!?

super_ella21 0

Oh, the joys of kidney stones.

take that opportunity and have rough sex with her

and then treat her to a nice dinner, right?!

yes. she won't remember the sex, she'll be happy with him, and they can have more sex!

super_ella21 0

and then tie her in a peanut sack and throw her in the river..right?

come on sirin!! can u at least tell me wat I did wrong now?!?!

hippiechick96 3

what kind of pills did you give her? xD

You probably shouldn't have laced her Vicodin with LSD.

Where does it say that he gave her vicodin?

Kidney stones are painful. Vicodin is a strong pain killer. It's a reasonable guess, and plus DocBastard is a doctor.

Was your wife mumbling something like "Gotta save the town, it's on rainbow fire!"

oh wow... make sure you check what pills they are next time LMAO!!

That sounds like some rather good stuff there. Pass dat shit over my way!!!

damn i want some too, peeing on couches is so awesome!

Only thing better than peeing on the couch is taking a crap in the freezer. ;-)

You forgot about masturbating on the dining table! ...Too far?

It's only too far if Christmas dinner is on said table. Otherwise it's all good baby. ;-)