By courtneynaked - 07/02/2012 13:47 - United Arab Emirates

Today, my jeans got caught in the airport escalators. Seeing as how we couldn't get them unstuck, my mother made me take them off. FML
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You gotta let your mom know that strip teases aren't free. People gotta lay out the dough, first.

singerlove 14

The escalator just wanted to be invited to the party in your pants, that's all...


Did none of the staff offer you something to cover your modesty?

ohhh imagine all different kinds of people staring at you with a story to bring to another location 0_o

drawmesunshine 17

Or better yet, did no one have a pocket knife to lend? Seems it would have been easier and less embarassing to cut them out of the escalator.

ByronJess 17

You can't get a pocket knife through security....

A pocket knife in an airport? Are you a terrorist?

Did you have any luggage surely you pack more than one pair of pants, shorts or something

Pics or it didn't happen.

thinkPlNK 0

when people ask what happen, just say that you were too sexy for your pants.

thinkPlNK 0


stephanieeDawnx 0

55, Intelligence. You're doing it wrong.

Pics or it didn't happen.

drawmesunshine 17

Surely maintenence or some sort of staff memeber would have a pocket knife or a box cutter or, ****, even a pair of scissors. Is it really "unintelligent" of me to assume nobody anywhere in the entire airport has any sort of tool designed for cutting something?

jsprackman 11

Yess you are totally allowed to carry a pocket knife in an airport.

GovernorGeneral 8

65- she still woulda had to take her pants off even if she had another pair of pants :/

Lmao so it was you I saw. I must say I enjoyed staring at those sexy panties you were wearing :)

greenalleycat 4

Potentially the luggage had already been checked in

They must be too long for you then.

Yes, hopefully she'll take this as a cue to buy some jeans that fit properly.

el_chicharito_14 0

This fml reminds me of the spongebob episode when mr. Krabs teaches him a lesson about the hooks and he has to take his pants off to survive lol

You gotta let your mom know that strip teases aren't free. People gotta lay out the dough, first.

aisthecoolest 8

So where do I put this money??

"You got the dough, we got the hoe"

Eh could be worse… Not an fml more of a hey bob last time I went on vacation this happend…

She should've ran to the emergency stop button rather than making you get bottomless. Hope it wasn't granny pants day :(

Evenif you hit the emergency stop button they would still be stuck and you would have to tear them up, and even if that worked the people helping her would tell her to take them off so she doesn't get physically hurt

lizard399 0

How could she run to the emergency stop button if her pants are caught?

#6 meant op's mom lol

lizard399 0

You win this round...

Marcella1016 31

6 - Exactly. I would've told my mom to hit the emergency stop button, then had her go find an employee at, say, the ticket counter, explain the situation, and ask for a pair of scissors to cut me free. And 6 you must've been reading my mind - I was thinking it would SUCK for OP if it was granny panties day lol OP, sorry neither you nor your mother can think on your feet in a potentially embarrassing situation. You just let your mother find ways to make it more embarrassing...

That was meant for 53... Not the op

singerlove 14

The escalator just wanted to be invited to the party in your pants, that's all...

I prefer to think of him as the evil 'Es-co-lay-tor'. Who eats the pantaloons of young maidens for sustenance! OM NOM NOM!!!!

Haha so true

How can he be invited to a party in her pants after he (essentially) pulled them off?? (Yes, the escalator is a guy.)

27- Movie time! Dear god, who will save all those poor maiden? Wait! Look over there, it's Commander Stairs! He'll use his trusty railing to defeat the sinister Es-co-lay-tor. *cuts to motionless fight scene of them* *Everyone leaves theater*

Don't be so literal! Jeez you sound like someone in my class -.-

maxwells_hammer 5

Look on the bright side, no pants should speed up the process of getting through airport security.

An airport security joke was the first thing I looked for after reading this FML. I applaud your bravery mam.

tctheamazing 7

How does that make him brave?

mp steve- your mams on FML?

I think he meant ma'am. Duh not mom!

I think he meant man but I can never help but pray on innocent typo makers(and I like the idea of his mum being on FML).

tylersign 11

Ooh! Nice! That's a good excuse to use with your girlfriend. "Just stand right here baby." "Oops, my pants are stuck.." "Thats ok. Just take them off." What up!

jackii1313 9

The OP is a girl. That doesn't mean she isn't homosexual but she may be heterosexual...

tylersign 11

I'm gonna lie and say I noticed... XD

Even if she his gay she would still be considered a girlfriend

Morgannnnuhhh 1

That would have been horrible... Wonder if you were wearing nice underwear.? Then it wouldn't have been tooooo bad.... Still mortifying.

It was embarrassing for OP even if she was wearing underwear that's why it's an FML.

ILpalmtree 0

Only if ur shy. Like i woulda been fine walking around in boxers. Woulda been the best if they were my South Park or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ones! Lol

yea but boxers are wayyyyy different than panties....especially a thong

Geez, it's bad enough that we got the theiving, lying, uncaring TSA, now we got theiving escalators? Fuck airports man, i'm sticking to cruise ships.

Sounds like a cheap alternative for the everyday American!

Yes cruise ships... Hopefully they follow their projected route?

That one cruise ship worked out real well, until it hit ground

Great plan! I'll send the search party ahead of time.