By skinny dipper - 21/10/2011 02:48 - United States

Today, I was caught skinny dipping by the police. With the arresting officer's daughter. FML
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FreshSalad 1

Well you see officer, we were going to go swimming but then uh, our , um, clothes got dirty so we had to take them off... Just arrest me.


BonerTooLong 1

At least you two weren't playing naked twister!

OP is going to get beat now, and get fined.

tbh your lucky, if anything, legally, you will have less of a punishment because his daughter was involved and I'm sure he won't want her getting into any trouble... unless he's a dick. then your ******.

Hopefully you came out clean after the matter OP.

enonymous 8

You have the right to remain tazered. Anything you say will be held against you by my shotgun...

bugsfunny 0

Atleast you have his daughter =P

rexgar2000 10

WARNING... tampering with my daughter will result in constant beating that you'll never forget.

'Oh hi dad, just skinny dippin' as per usual'

At least you werent caught skinny dipping with your sister

It coulda been worse... It coulda been the arresting officers wife as well as his daughter... Just like machete!!!

Lol well then... Don't let him know you got some stink finger

Must have been awkward, you say? No, I'm sure it was rather a comfortable experience.

JinxosGirl87 0

Should have asked him to join you! :P

#92 LOL. I seen that movie the other night. It was hella funny.

Thumbs up for almost getting it in, thumbs down for picking a bad location

theten_fml 9

If you were skinny dipping with my daughter i would have pepper sprayed while you're still nude

SOD_sonofdixie 5

Let's not stray from the real point... That is one hell of a story to tell the grand kids later..... Thank you for being a true American. God bless you.

I'll bet he was happy to *see* you.

No I think #3 was meaning it as he would be pleased to meet him for the first time it never said they were dating so I'm guessing first impression wasn't good

No shit? It wasn't a correction, it was an addition. Hate-boner, anyone?

schaflava 0

I bet he wanted to kill you to death.

I bet he wanted to kill him until he was alive

124- Just wow. Kill you to death? When you get killed, you do die.. Lmao Smh

FreshSalad 1

Well you see officer, we were going to go swimming but then uh, our , um, clothes got dirty so we had to take them off... Just arrest me.

I hope you don't mind me being random, but I think salads that are perfect are ******* awesome. Your picture is an example of such a salad (albeit a simple one). :D

rexgar2000 10

this reminds me of the movie take me home tonight.

43- you made me LOL for a good 5 minutes just then :D keep up the irrelevant comments!

Youngnut18 6

Haha that's funny 43, that picture of that salad and his profile description really caught my attention.. Well done.

natashax21 5

That looks like a great salad. I'm dying for a ceasar salad with chicken right now:(!

FreshSalad 1

Ladies, ladies one at a time please.

tehslack 5
Epsilonyx 15

Sounds like you live in a small town...really small.

You do realize that the size of a state doesn't determine the size of a town, right?

ramboman19 8

I don't mean to be over-cliché with the fail comments, but.....^^^FAIL^^^

kate1238 9

Wait what makes you thonk its a small town?

SPD935 5

Bet that was awkward. Cops are assholes anyway, and you just compounded the problem by involving his daughter. YDI.

You're an asshole for saying cops are assholes.

Not all cops are. Besides, the girl might not like OP and staged the thing.

Drummerboy1234 0

Op never said she was a boy. They could have been just friends having fun.

jwade11 12

I've been in that situation!!!! Lol

_daniellesays_ 10

I don't really see how that kind of situation could be 'lol'-ed at even when being looked back upon...

You'll die sad, #30. If you can't laugh at yourself, your screwed. Life's not perfect, so, if it turns its back on you, grab its ass.