By Anonymous - United States
  Today, I finally figured out why my mechanic was so cheap; he wanted to sleep with me. After I politely declined, he charged me regular price plus extra for "humiliating" him. He's 60. I just recently turned 18. FML
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  flockz  |  19

i bet that was exhilirating. And you only last 20 seconds right? That must of done you in about 7 or 8 seconds then. Hairy armpits sound hot!


66 is right. He did it and didn't proposition her first- "I'll fix your car if you [insert creepy old man phrase for sex here]". He's a creep, but he did his job and should get paid.. the original amount, minus the asshole tax he tacked on.

  gman90210  |  18

That's not what was said you don't know how to read. And why he a perv if he was 20 something with a rock hard body she would have been thrilled and probably slept with him. Old people want and hae sex also what's wrong with that?