By Anonymous - 12/08/2011 00:49 - United States

Today, I finally figured out why my mechanic was so cheap; he wanted to sleep with me. After I politely declined, he charged me regular price plus extra for "humiliating" him. He's 60. I just recently turned 18. FML
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Could be worse, I hear Hugh Hefner does some creepy stuff with his "employes"

Op, you can always say you're underage and that you'll file a police report. I'm sure he'll belive you and not charge you.

YourEvilHero 12

I always go to walmart for car problems. their homeless mechanics are just fine.

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Like old man Herbert the perve on family guy.

20 - not really, she can just say that not actually do it.

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4- Hugh Hefner's employes get paid ;) nd besides just tell him your underage but willing to "wait for him" then get Ur ass to Canada >.< lol

-30 Fine, replace "employes" with "slightly legal prostitutes"

flockz 19

replace "slightly legal prostitutes" with "Iamnotmyself"

-38 replace "Iamnotmyself" with "proud bisexual man *****"

diamond_d_ 6

would you like some chocolate? I got some frozen popsicles in my basement.

flockz 19

replace "*****" with "virgin"

flockz 19

oh how i kid. we all know your the local neighborhood prostitute. Boners told me to tell you he will give you the $20 later.

-47 Replace "virgin" with "who can last on 20 seconds :("

-49 Tell him that it is $23, him ******* me in the armpit is worth way more.

flockz 19

you must have some clean shaven armpits my friend.

flockz 19

i bet that was exhilirating. And you only last 20 seconds right? That must of done you in about 7 or 8 seconds then. Hairy armpits sound hot!

-64 The problem with that statement is, I last 20 seconds for every person in the room. Boners brought his extended inbred family.

flockz 19

you mean to tell me that there are other little boners in this world?

-70 Yes. He's been hiding his nephew with three eyes for some time.

MrSexyPants 14

That's so grodie. How's about you fire him?

Bitch stop being so high and mighty! Old guys need love to.

And old prostitutes need a job too.

66 is right. He did it and didn't proposition her first- "I'll fix your car if you [insert creepy old man phrase for sex here]". He's a creep, but he did his job and should get paid.. the original amount, minus the asshole tax he tacked on.

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I didn't say he shouldn't get paid. Just if he's her regular mechanic, then she should consider looking for another one.

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Yes, it is what he said. Look again. You misinterpreted it.

That's not what was said you don't know how to read. And why he a perv if he was 20 something with a rock hard body she would have been thrilled and probably slept with him. Old people want and hae sex also what's wrong with that?

juliaaalove 8

Well, a lot of girls dig old men! So I've heard..

Think of all the experience he has in bed! ...on second thought, that's pretty gross and creepy.

I thought girls only dig old, rich men...?

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@81 no girls only dig rich men. age isnt a factor...:P

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OP just turned 18, which is still pretty young. So I doubt she's into sleeping with rich guys. And girls who do that are screwed up.

I guess he just wanted you to "fix his motor" :P

I hope it's just you having a crappy sense of humor and that it's just a kind of joke...

SesameSpeed 7

that's pretty messed up.... old men these days.

they get viagra and suddenly they think they own the place

Try someone a bit more mature than yourself? ;)

Way to pass up the 10% senior discount.


Did he ask you to hold his wrench?

I've never heard of a mechanic using a pipe wrench until now. Hopefully it's not one of those huge ones, that shit will wear your arm out in a hurry.