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  C_Ramirez1695  |  12

Actually if this happened in;
North Carolina
Rhode Island

They can fire you without reason, they are "at will" states.

  Emirac  |  10

#34, I know that's what the law says, but it isn't followed. I've worked in two of those states and every employer still follows the usual guidelines and processes in letting people go so they don't get sued. "at will" doesn't hold up in court, and if they do get sued they usually settle to keep it from getting in the media. I personally know of one woman who got fired for violating company policy and got rehired after suing and proving she wasn't the only one who did it. She was an awful employee and it took like 5+ more years to build up enough stuff so they could get rid of her for good and she wouldn't be able to sue again.

  andrmac  |  25

Still have to have just cause or they have to take you back or pay unemployment if they go to court. I'm management in MA. Plus you have to unless it's stealing require documentation usually at least 2 on paper a final warning and the the termination.

  smackaroonial  |  20

Add Utah to that list. You can get fired at any time without a reason. If you get fired without at least two physical written and signed warnings, then you can claim workers comp. If you had those written warnings you usually cannot claim workers comp unless you were fired for something serious (like theft, sexual harassment, etc).

By  ceciliebossow  |  26

I never knew it was possible to get mad at someone for being nice to them. It might be for the better that you no longer have to deal with such an idiot? But I'm sorry you lost your job because of an idiot like that, OP.