By magomag - United States - Fair Lawn
  Today, I learned if you type my full name in Google Images, the 3rd thing that comes up is a naked woman in ropes. Someone on Pornhub thought it was smart to comment that the girl looks just like me. She does. Now my parents think I'm a porn star, and most people at school stopped talking to me. FML
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  perdix  |  29

#19, you should keep exploring and see where the similarity ends, if it does ;)

I stayed in Organic Chemistry even after I changed my major and didn't need it anymore, just because my lab assistant was that fucking hot!


Considering that sex is the livelihood of the performers and is strictly regulated, you can almost guarantee that they won't have diseases these days. They get tested every couple of weeks for STD's and cannot work if they have them.

  SynysterNero  |  20

Well if she looks like a famous porn star it is safe to assume OP is attractive since most of them have to be attractive. That should get the attention of a lot of guys right off.

  angeluv_2014  |  22

Why would someone comment your name on a website? Like anyone knows who the fuck you are... that makes no sense. I could see them being like "hey, I know a girl that looks just like this", but not explicitly using your name. -_-


#79, OP decided to Google herself. One of the images that came up was of a pornstar. She clicked on it and found out that someone had left a comment on the image saying it looked like OP.

  MissMae93  |  23

Agreed #5. Also - really bad parents too. OP, your parents and "friends" are being unreasonable. Plus, you look similar, not identical. Try and find points of difference for comparison.

  vanity113  |  9

I think the question that you should ask your parents is did you have an identical twin sister that was given up at birth, who grew up moving through foster homes and learning that attention could only sought through behaviours that berate the human body and soul. If they say that's absurd tell them so is the plausibility of you being a porn star!