By boss_daughter - 20/05/2015 12:03 - United States

Today, while we were at a work party, I noticed a drunk lady in the mix. I pointed out to my boss how dumb she looked. It was his daughter. FML
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Still looks dumb even if she's the boss' daughter.


maybe he pointed at his desk and also told him that it would be clean by the end of the day >:)

That's just unlucky OP. Ya win some, ya lose some. Hope it doesn't affect your employment!

Really op?! Keep your comments to yourself.. YDI

I agree. You don't blatantly point out someone else being trashed unless it's dangerous or affecting you personally . Most of us have been that person at least once.

YDI talking about others at a party is the lowest form of entertainment, I'm glad it back fired. hopefully you learnt something from it or this post.

No, it's not at all. Talking about other people at a party is completely commonplace. Going to your fathers work party and caring so little about how it will make yourself or your family look that you get absolutely trashed to the point of looking like an idiot? That's the lowest form of entertainment. She deserved to be called dumb. Especially with her father being the boss. That's just pathetic.

59 forgive us human people for making a few bad decisions . I'm sure you never have . I don't know what kind of parties you go to where you trash talk each other but I guarantee if you have nothing interesting to say other then about someone else's problems or life , you probably live an extremely mediocre life. I should hope I never end up at a party you are at. While I agree getting trashed at an office party isn't a great image , especially being part of the owners/boss' family, I don't agree that anyone should be talked bad about. Something along the lines of throwing rocks while living in a glass house.

Right so by your logic #61, it's completely acceptable to drink yourself to idiocy at a work party where it's rarely appropriate to do so, and make a fool of your father in front of his employees because that's just a 'bad decision', but commenting nothing more than 'she looks dumb' means you're trash talking and that you live a mediocre life? Sure. The irony of your whole comment is almost painful. There you go making nasty judgements about me and then saying you don't think anyone should be talked badly about in the very next sentence! I could repeat your final sentence to you verbatim, but it might look crass, so I won't bother.

One I didn't contradict anything . If you can read and interpret we have all made embarrassing mistakes . I don't condone her actions but to talk shit about someone that you don't know shows no class and, in my opinion, makes said person look like a jackass.

In my opinion, being embarrassingly drunk at your father's work function in front of his colleagues, shows no class and makes said person look like a jackass. Not to mention the complete lack of respect shown towards her father. I doubt op was the only person voicing that opinion, just the only person to be unfortunate enough to say it to the wrong person.

Still looks dumb even if she's the boss' daughter.

Could've said something about bad parenting... That'll win him over!

Bring the bosses daughter doesn't change how bad she looks. She still looks dumb. You don't need to feel bad for pointing out the truth. It hurts. But honestly, that's the attitude that she is attracting.

If my daughter was drunk acting dumb I would appreciate somebody bringing it to my attention.