By Anonymous - 20/05/2015 14:43 - United Kingdom - Stockport

Today, I went indoor rock climbing. After finally making it to the top, my pants ripped on my last move. I wasn't wearing any underwear. FML
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FYL for your pants tearing, but YDI for choosing not to wear undergarments. Sorry OP I hope they weren't expensive.


talk about mooning people, OP! hopefully you didn't blind anyone.

You mean like your profile pic is doing?

There was an extra crack on the rock face today.

FYL for your pants tearing, but YDI for choosing not to wear undergarments. Sorry OP I hope they weren't expensive.

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So everyone who decides to go commando deserves to have their pants tear in public? What kind of shit logic is that? It may be true if the chances of tearing pants were high, but they are not. Do passengers of a falling airliner deserve to die because they weren't paranoid enough to bring a parachute with their carry on luggage? We expect jets to be safe, just like we expect pants to remain intact. Same principle. What if someone's underwear tears also? Should we wear a few layers of undergarments just in case?

Yes we should wear several layers of underwear ^

#51.. Wow... Not the same principle at all.. If you're going rock climbing it is safe to say that one should wear underwear. You've lost your damn mind comparing that to a plane crash saying that planes are safe? Your logic is undeniably stupid and you should stop commenting.

#69 I think it's safe to assume they were talking about not commenting anymore just on this thread, not that they shouldn't comment on anything ever again. Seriously, NOW who's the one who's going to extremes here?

#51 Did something happen to you to be this passionate enough to write a long comment about going commando?

Why were you not wearing underwear in the first place?

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A lot of people go commando here and there.

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A friend of mine was advised not to wear underwear for a while because of her vulnerability to infection/irritation or something along those lines, now she rarely wears underwear at all. Maybe OP has a similar condition?

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I don't think OP thought jeans can easily rip like that. I personally don't like wearing underwear all that much, they make me feel uncomfortable. Except if I wear a dress then of course I'll wear them. Maybe it's just a preference thing? I know a few people who don't wear them neither.

And how exactly would a belt prevent his trousers from ripping, #2? pray tell.

How on earth is a belt going to avoid his pants from ripping of? Edit: #6 Damn you beat me to that!

you have the guts to climb without underwear

Don't worry. They show that bit in the trailer. You're safe.

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Also the first ten minutes of the film. It's like the vomit issue in the first movie.

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I was going to say, maybe OP got their inspiration from Pitch Perfect 2

How embarrassing! Well if someone taped this I need to see it...censored of course...and a follow up would be great as well...

Why would you not wear underwear when your doing something like rock climbing?

#7 You were probably blinded by my dp.