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Today, my boss threw out the report I wrote for the board of directors. He said that if it were legal, he'd smash me in the balls with a brick for using Comic Sans. I had to do the whole thing again in another font with my coworkers snickering at me. FML
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I don't know what you were thinking, writing a report in comic sans and expecting people to take you seriously.

I created an account just to ask this: How high were you to think that Comic Sans is a professional enough font to use to send a report to the board of directors? Might as well throw in emoticons in your report. " LOL Our profits are in the toilet T_T :((("


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Boss is still a dick for throwing it out. With a couple clicks OP could have changed the font.

That's a big YDI, because even if he crumpled the paper, don't you have it saved on the computer? Changing the font takes 2 seconds

#93, I'm pretty sure the embarrassment from his boss is the reason for this FML, not the possibility of not having the report saved on his computer.

There really is nothing wrong with comic sans.

wait if he threw out a physical copy of the report how would a couple clicks change anything?

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Arial & Times New Roman are always preferred...

A couple of clicks could change the font. Then a new hard copy could be printed.

I don't know what you were thinking, writing a report in comic sans and expecting people to take you seriously.

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A report for the board is serious.

I don't understand, why do people hate Comic Sans so much? It's just a font...

it's not just a font. it's a lifestyle that one must ignore!

#90 - while I usually agree that the circle jerk over "Comic Sans is the worst!" is stupid, in this case I have to agree. Fonts have certain uses; for Comic Sans it's, well, for comics. At the very least it's for informal purposes. Using it in formal/business situations is like playing pop music at a funeral - it just throws the mood off entirely. A formal report shouldn't have any kind of font that draws attention to itself and away from the content of the report.

All through high school and university every teacher/prof has repeatedly told me to use Times New Roman as a font. I would think, if it's the same for everyone, that it would be pretty common knowledge not to use Comic Sans...

why use Comic Sans? are you working for a lemonade stand? no? THEN DON'T DO IT!

In my collage courses i found out that comic sans increases font size so when using size 12 font on a 10 page paper you dont need to write as much, generally making a poorly done or incomplete paper. Or any documents for that matter

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Prepare for the rest of the Internet to rip you to shreds over Comic Sans, OP.

You definitely deserve it for using Comic Sans.

I think he got pranked by his coworkers, that's why they where snickering...

#38 no i think they were sniggering at his stupidity for using comic sans

Why didn't you save and change the font. Easy fix.

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he said he had to write the whole thing again so I'm guessing he said that

#105, I think the confusion is in the wording of the FML, he states "I had to do the whole thing again". He probably just meant reformatting with the new font but it reads like he redid the whole report. What a silly billy, must be why he likes Comic Sans.

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The FML said he had to write "the whole thing again". Read before you critique.

Why in the world would you use comic sans ever?

I make comics for a living and there's nothing we hate more than comics who use comic sans, there's SO MANY other better fonts for it

I'm sure there are many better ones now, but Comic Sans is an old font. It was originally designed for comics when there weren't a lot of other fonts designed for that purpose.

Why were you using comic sans? I'd say you're lucky for only being yelled at.

Can't wait to come back later and read all the comments :D