By Kuromaus
Today, my period started two weeks early. I had the option of either making my connecting flight and bleeding through the entire two-hour trip, or buying tampons and missing it. Four hours until the next flight. FML
Kuromaus tells us more :
Hey, OP here. A few things I couldn't put due to word limits: the flight I was getting off was coming in late due to weather. I literally had one minute to get to the gate once off the plane. The connecting flight had started loading at the same time we landed. On top of that, the crew to dock us were having issues and delayed us in getting off. I wouldn't have even had time to stop at a bathroom on the way. The gate I needed to get to was upstairs. Since it was a delay out of my control, I did get moved to another flight for free, it just happened to be the latest one heading back to home. I could have probably made it to (or barely missed) last call if I hauled it but I was not going to do that while bleeding. I didn't know that airplanes had amenities like that in the bathroom. I've never actually been in one, and it was only my second time flying. (That toilet paper trick doesn't work for me, mine is too heavy, sadly.)
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By  raven_of_azarath  |  34

This happened to me when I was on a school trip to Europe. I had packed tampons, but because I wasn't expecting it for another 2 weeks, I put all of them in my suitcase and didn't have any in my carry on. I ended up just using toilet paper for the whole flight back from Italy, and when I got back and got my suitcase, I fixed it.

By  anniemeece  |  23

That definitely sucks, but this is why I always always have an extra pad or tampon in any bag I carry with me. You never know what unexpected situation may arise.

  WinPoe  |  3

You just keeping getting up and going there I guess. I have used the trick when I didn't have pads at work. But then again I don't have a heavy flow.