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  wldd0g  |  9

He doesn't have to worry about power because he paid the electric bill. OP is obviously not understanding how the whole power grid thing works.....

(Must.... Resist..... Eye roll....)

  ironichalibut  |  24

And an Internet connection that doesn't require a modem that needs electricity? There are options like satellite Internet or 4G and such, but the fact that it's an FML invites the assumption they do not

  kyu_Q  |  19

OP said no TV. Him referring to Netflix seems to suggest that it's streamed to or through the television. He was probably thinking that the cable (provider) was down and not the power.

  fdupagain  |  11

Sometimes the lack of a full sorry can create an FML. Like my man left me for my best friend. Back story: she cheated on her man with said best friends man. In their grief over the cheating (now) Exs breakups, found romance. You never know. That's the fun of YDI or your life sucks.

  NurseJonathan  |  9

Same. My FML would've probably gone through had I had more room. Let alone this one FML where the girl bumped into her ex's parents while holding sex objects. I felt sympathy until in the comments she admitted she left him for his best friend. Which made me lose all sympathy and know that is a big no-no. You should never dump someone for their best friend and the best friend shouldn't try to get their greedy mitts on you.

  not_a_robot  |  15

Unless the tablet or smartphone has 4G, then no he could not. Without power, the Wi-Fi router would be out. Without Wi-Fi, he could not go on the internet, which is required for Netflix. Unless he has 4G.

  Chumsword  |  8

Because you can still make out the word phonetically without vowels.. It's actually a common practice in call centers to save space and time for notes after customer interactions.