By Anonymous - United States
Today, while walking home from work, a young teenage girl ran up behind me and dumped a carton of milk on my head. She said, "The cow master baptizes you!" and then ran in the opposite direction, cackling madly. FML
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So let me get this straight-- the person who poured milk on OP called herself a Cow Master?
Either that girl is really good with cows or she just likes to torment strangers while stating the fact that she's fat. (I'm not talking about OP, btw, for all you confused people who tend to read things wrong -.-)

  flockz  |  19

yes then those people call me. i am the catcher of cow masters and the bait i catch them with is top notch. they call me the masterbator. google me bitch.

  HappyCynic  |  0

Lmao, by pointing out that contradiction you have rendered that sarcasm useless thus making it more hilarious because of your blatant suggestion. Oh you, how you kill me.


Well, instead of a sparkly vegetarian fairy and a werewolf that rips off his shirt every scene, it's now a little boy(with inverted penis)/girl (that Michael Jackson* himself would enjoy) with no singing talent that makes girls horny. What is the world coming to?

*Michael Jackson, R.I.P. good sir. No offense intended for putting you in the same sentence as Justin Bieber.