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Today, while walking home from work, a young teenage girl ran up behind me and dumped a carton of milk on my head. She said, "The cow master baptizes you!" and then ran in the opposite direction, cackling madly. FML
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That has to be the weirdest thing ever.FYL

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how does OP know how old the chick was?

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How did OP now how old the girl was?

Could have been worse. You could have been walking TO work. D:

A fourteen year old girl can just walk up to you and dump milk on your head? Either you're really short or you need Kung Fu lessons.

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she shouldve moo-ved out the way

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Hey 35... I need some milk for my next baptism. Gimme a hand? Or a boob... either will do

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You should have introduced her to your friend Chief Slapahoe.

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You would've kung fu'ed a 14-yr-old???

So let me get this straight-- the person who poured milk on OP called herself a Cow Master? Either that girl is really good with cows or she just likes to torment strangers while stating the fact that she's fat. (I'm not talking about OP, btw, for all you confused people who tend to read things wrong -.-)

look on the bright side, at least you didn't have an allergic reaction to it.

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i just realized that all the people who commented above me, just commented to be near the top; they werent commenting on the comment

At least OP was was home from work and not to work. That would've been an awkward explanation....

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Same here... Though Unitarian. May be the only one of those on here! (If you don't know, don't ask)

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#3- what happens a lot nowadays?? people getting baptized by cow masters?

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yes then those people call me. i am the catcher of cow masters and the bait i catch them with is top notch. they call me the masterbator. google me bitch.

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all praise the mighty cow master!

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Cows will be forever grateful. You made a religion!

dude, she was baptized, she's cowthalic

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I thought they already had Hinduism for that

Sure! Meet me at Dairy Queen tomarrow at 10, and I'll baptise you.

I wish I was baptized in milk instead of that water stuff it just doesn't taste the same!

I wonder if I'm the only one on this site who hasn't been baptized..

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Neither was I. I was raised by atheists as an atheist.

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Now I feel like this: Am I the only one here that's been baptized? lmao.

why was all This put on my comment? it has nothing to so with what I said.

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oops sorry iPod messed up and showed your number and mine ass 88

64 - Does smoking also cause ugly ass facial hair?! D:

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I was and it was creepy cus the dude who did it me was a pedo, I think. at least I'm atheist now

"that water stuff" nice one. The pope just rolled over in his bed.

May the pasteurization be with you.

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You look like Ash Ketchum, if only you were holding a pokeball...

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does he get holy oreos as well if so sign me up lol

Oh look I'm being hit on by a random person on the Internet! How flattering! Jk.

this comment made my day :) lol nice job

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179- Those would be called pedophiles, ash.

You make me love the world and all it's inhabitants...

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So clever I almost pissteurized myself...and then came up with this lame attempt at being clever...baha

Teenyboppers are going insane from listening to Justin Beiber and reading Twilight.

we're *twitch* not as insane as you tink we are **twitch twitch**

see it's funny because the twitching contradicts what she says. Oh sarcasm will kill me one day

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We hijacked your thread. Get with the program, sheesh,

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Lmao, by pointing out that contradiction you have rendered that sarcasm useless thus making it more hilarious because of your blatant suggestion. Oh you, how you kill me.

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psh twilight was soo last year. duh.

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Well, instead of a sparkly vegetarian fairy and a werewolf that rips off his shirt every scene, it's now a little boy(with inverted penis)/girl (that Michael Jackson* himself would enjoy) with no singing talent that makes girls horny. What is the world coming to? *Michael Jackson, R.I.P. good sir. No offense intended for putting you in the same sentence as Justin Bieber.

Are you lactose intolerant? cause that may be a problem

you know what this reminded me of? "with RAC insurance, you're never without a car" otherwise, lol