By Anonymous - 30/6/2021 21:01 - United States - Folsom

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Today, my mom told me that I wasn't allowed rights until I was eighteen, or until I took on some duties. The rights include having or expressing ideals that don't match up with hers. She doesn't know what duties I should have. My options are to either take on nonexistent duties, or keep my mouth shut for years. FML
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By  Yudith  |  20

Here's a non-exhaustive list of duties you could take to gain rights:
- Cleaning the bathroom once a week
- Cleaning the cat's litter or walking the dog once a day
- Getting A's in every topic at school
- Babysitting your siblings (if you have some) or your elderly grandparents
- Washing the dishes once a day
- Mowing the lawn and removing the snow from your pathway
Pick one and express any ideal you want!

By  dreamwishlove  |  11

Unfortunately, I recognise this. I got kicked out at 16 because my parents are just like your mum. If this makes you feel like your voice is taken away, you're absolutely right. Since you're not 18 yet, I presume you go to school. See if there is a trustworthy guidance counselor/teacher/principal who you can share this with and maybe they might have an idea on how to deal with this. If you don't feel comfortable with that, go to your doctor (they can't tell your mum/parents ANYTHING about you without your consent). They will be able to help you find any type of solution to this issue, but be prepared, it could just be something minor, but also could be changing your life. Just ease remember, everyone deserves to have their own opinion, no one is obligated to agree with it, no matter your age.