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Today, someone asked my fiancée and I how we met. She said, "Well, it was just supposed to be a one night stand!" and laughed, right as I was about to take her hand and say, "It was love at first sight!" FML
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Well, she's marrying you, right?


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YDI for thinking there's such a thing as "love at first sight." Love is a chemical reaction, and it's quite literally impossible to feel it the first time you look at someone. Your fiancee has a better grip on reality than you.

Today, OP can't take a joke! F all our lives.

HEY LOOK I'M POSTING ON STUFF UNDER THE "LOVE" CATEGORY ON FML AND TELLING PEOPLE LOVE IS UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE IF YOU HAVEN'T KNOWN THEM FOR OVER 9000 HOURS AM I COOL AND EDGY NOW Are the people who RAGE and make these absurd comments on every post like this themselves utterly incapable of feeling love and thus lash out at anyone who does? It's the only plausible reason I can see for it.

A bit, but just a bit. It gets ever so slightly annoying seeing dozens of idiots on every FML that mentions anything along the lines of "love at first sight" claiming it doesn't exist because they say so. Or alternatively because science says so, without references to said science (translated: "because I say so"). Truth be told, it's not "scientific" or "logical" in any way. I'm sure you've tasted a food and decided that it's utterly disgusting and you never want it anywhere near your mouth again. Or listened to a song and decided a few seconds in that THIS IS THE BESTEST SONG EVER. Or had someone you didn't really know and didn't really have an opinion on say or do something that just rubbed you the wrong way and you decided that you greatly disliked them. While your opinion on something can gradually change over time, based on new information or just changing tastes, people can and do make split second decisions on how they feel about things all the time. There's no reason of any kind to decide that love is magically excluded from this, unless you fancy yourself as some sort of LOVE EXPERT whose definition of love is the One True Definition that must be forced upon everyone else, science, reason, or even just plain common sense be damned. Love is just another emotion, no matter how much these people may want to deify it.

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Number 1 is a 90 year old virgin who has wayy too many science award trophies in his room and has to reduce everything to science. not to mention you're a silly ********.

Thumbs up on #1's response. At least someone has some sense in this world.

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I agree with #1 there is no such thing as love at first site maybe love with looks at first site but that doesnt really count to fall in love it takes time you got to get to know the person to actually love them if you fall in love based on looks it usually will never work out

"Love" is a chemical reaction. Typically, in 18 months, the effects wear off and new chemical reactions with new people are required to get the "high" from being in a relationship. That is because, in 18 months, you should've gotten through the sex part and gotten pregnant, maybe even gave birth to the kid already. After that, both sexes kick into child rearing mode, which for humans, last roughly 20 years. Just because you can't accept love is a chemical reaction doesn't make it false. Read up on scientific studies before denying something.

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i don't see why people are getting all pissy; every emotion is a chemical reaction :/ doesn't make love any less REAL. also, the 18 months thing is bullshit. i've been with my boyfriend longer than that and i'm still totally in love with him. and even if you're talking marriage, such is also not always the case. i know couples who are still in love 20 years later. you just have to marry the right person. ALSO, not everyone plans on have kids. to the OP: this isn't even an FML at all. you are mad at her for being honest? besides, the 'it was a one night stand' story is more interesting anyway.

that is not true. i fell in love at first sight twice :D

YDI for trying to use a painfully cliche statement.

you fell in love at first site..twice? what haha

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YDI for thinking life is the same as a Disney movie

Did anyone else just skip past 18's replies? hahaha me too. But anyway, what's in the past is in the past. At least you're together now.. be happy :)

Love is a chemical reaction? The physical part of it maybe, but love itself? is purely emotional. YOU should be the one to look it up, "science expert."

Yeahhhh dude I'm sorry have you personally studied the neurochemistry of the brain? Coz of you actually had any idea what you were claiming you would slap yourself for realizing you are simply an idiot.

God... a one night stand? But is WAS love at first sight. Your life really sucks by your fiancee laugh to that.

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This could've been written by my husband. When we met, it really was supposed to be a one night stand (at least it was to me) but I fell in love instead. Geez OP, YDI for not admitting to the truth.

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who was right, you or your fiancée?

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Well, she's marrying you, right?

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my thoughts exactly. it doesn't're still together and she obviously loves you too, so it doesn't even matter.

Casual **** buddy becomes a stalker/creeper and they fall in love and live happily ever after. Hollywood has probably made this picture ten times this year, at least,

You are thinking "My Best Friends Girl" with Dane Cook YUP

although usually there are some wacky hijinks and other such artificial flourishes

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You must feel so badass typing that.

Does it matter if you guys love each other now? I don't quite see how youre life is "******" seeing as youre marrying a girl who loves you.

Because his fiance was a ***** perhaps? unless thag doesn't bother him then idk.

Love takes time. The only thing that happens at first sight is infatuation.