By abi_vet_student - 13/02/2009 12:42 - United Kingdom

Today, it was my first day working at a milking parlor. As I crouched behind a cow to put on an udder cluster, I looked up and gasped just in time for the cow to crap on my face. FML
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kbarko 0

There is no way that could be true

You in...your mouth was wide open for reception?

hhmm..grassy crap in my face or donkeykicked in the balls.... decisions decisions

Obsidianhawk 0

Wow, after reading this I feel so much better about my day.

That`s just terrible luck. F your life indeed.

alwaysalady 0

Where do you live? Just curous, cuz I've never seen a milking parlor.

FlavorfulUnicorn 4

That is horrible. But still really funny.