By willtype4food - Finland
Today, uncertain of having a job next month or being able to pay rent, I'm filling out tens of online surveys a day for gift cards to McDonald's, to buy hamburgers that I can freeze so I will have food for the coming months. FML
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:/ i wish you the best of luck op! I suggest that you apply for other jobs in addition to those surveys you fill out. You'd have more luck, plus a job would last longer than a gift card to Mickey D's

  mpalmiter  |  0

2- Some people still believe in providing for themselves. I know in this day and age that probably sounds crazy since most people feel "entitled" now days but some of us avoid going to mom and dad unless it's a complete emergency.

By  annie_nk  |  22

Love the username. Don't fret OP. We're coming out of a recession and things will get better. I'm sure you can use your creative thinking towards a good job.