By willtype4food - 10/09/2012 00:45 - Finland

Today, uncertain of having a job next month or being able to pay rent, I'm filling out tens of online surveys a day for gift cards to McDonald's, to buy hamburgers that I can freeze so I will have food for the coming months. FML
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mega20913 8 gotta do what you gotta do...more power to you

Maybe spend that time applying for jobs, instead of online surveys?


mega20913 8 gotta do what you gotta do...more power to you

AbstraktThoughts 13

:/ i wish you the best of luck op! I suggest that you apply for other jobs in addition to those surveys you fill out. You'd have more luck, plus a job would last longer than a gift card to Mickey D's

Like a squirrel preparing for the winter by burying it's nuts in the ground. :D

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38 it's a little different but I like your thought path there :)

To be fair, OP probably doesn't have to freeze them. Maccas burgers are usually still good to eat after a month.

Wait! I thought your socialist government would take care of you from cradle to grave???

Maybe you should 'ham' up to your parents and try to get some money?

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Not everyone can run to their parents when they have financial trouble.

Their parents could be the reason why they are in this situation. If it is the case I doubt their parents will want to help them out.

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It's a Mitt Romney reference!! That's what he said Americans should do...

2- Some people still believe in providing for themselves. I know in this day and age that probably sounds crazy since most people feel "entitled" now days but some of us avoid going to mom and dad unless it's a complete emergency.

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Welp that doesn't seem healthy

Just out of curiosity, but since when does starving sound healthy?

Strangely I respect your ideoligies. A free burger is better than no burger...

Maybe spend that time applying for jobs, instead of online surveys?

Totally thought that was what op was gonna say to begin with, what does OP stand for ?

OP = Online Procurement... In this case, of McDonald's gift cards.

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37 used "OP" in a sentence before he/she even knew what it meant...

Love the username. Don't fret OP. We're coming out of a recession and things will get better. I'm sure you can use your creative thinking towards a good job.

And heading into another recession within the next few years.

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Someone didn't understand the point of this FML... OP :) Doesn't pay much, but after a good while it does accumulate. but hey, money is money right?

Is it just me or do McDonald's burgers taste horrible when you reheat it?

They really do. Same with the fries. I swear, reheating somehow gets rid of all the ecstasy and unicorn farts in the food.

They don't taste that good the first time around either. It's not like pizza... Good both times.

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27- and bacon... Bacon's good no matter what..

Go to an indian grocery store, you will be able to buy giant bags of rice, dirt cheap :) at least that is the case in Britain :P