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By wowthanksworld - 22/03/2013 15:42 - United States

Today, I was on the subway when I felt like I was going to faint. I got off the train at the next stop, walked to a bench, but fell over and passed out. When I woke up, I looked around at at least 25 people, who had stepped around me, passed out, in the middle of the platform. FML
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perdix 29

There were 25 people who stepped over you and passed out? You may need to wear less perfume, or something.

That's how the world goes today unfortunately.


That's how the world goes today unfortunately.

What is wrong with people that they are in such a hurry they can't have a tiny amount of compassion to help someone. Especially who is unconscious on the ground. In a public place.

It comes down to legalities. A friend was out in her yard and witnessed a man fall off of his bike. She rushed to help and called the paramedics. Was feeing good about helping her fellow man. Until the summons came. He is suing her claiming she made him fall. It hasn't gone to court yet so I don't have what the verdict is. But help people at your own peril.

I was thinking the same thing as #34 you help someone out then you take the risk that they sue you, you stay an observer to the events no lawsuit coming your way.

I would rather be sued than perpetuate this problem. People need to learn to help and accept help without fear of repentance. Yes, it is the way the world is. And it's going to stay that way as long as people use that as an excuse for inaction. I once collapsed in my high school hallway trying to get to the nurse's office as I went into shock. Couldn't move, but I was lucid enough to see half a dozen students and at least one teacher pass right by me and stare at me as if I'd grown a second head without saying a word. People suck, and a little compassion means the world when it is you who are in need of help.

34- its sad that it actually does happen. A mate of mine was put in a similar situation. The man on the ground was unconscious so he dialed 000 and followed instructions from emergency services. Afew months later he was in court for allegedly damaging the unconscious mans neck. Although the charges were dropped, its a kick to the dick of a price to pay to pay for helping your fellow man.

Not everyone lives in a country where the first answer to everything is sue/how can I blame someone else/make money from this. ;)

54- i used to think that too. But its becoming more and more common regardless of where you live. The US is a big one for it, but i dont think Australia is far behind with farfetched fraud cases.

RedPillSucks 31

This must have been New York City (or Chicago). OP is lucky that he/she still had their personal belongings and/or wasn't raped. Sad state of things.

@#9 A viral video went around, where a two year old girl was run over in China. 18 people walked by her lying in pain and she was even run over a second time. It was very disturbing to watch, and she eventually died from her injuries. What has the world come to?

When I was young, I got hit by a car; I got a ride to my house that was a couple of blocks away, from a stranger. In hindsight I shouldn't have moved at all in case of neck injury and could have gotten kidnapped, raped, or what have you by said stranger. My point is though, not all of humanity is corrupt.

It's called the Bystander Effect. It's not that people aren't compassionate, there's just a serious diffusion of responsibility happening where no one feels involved enough to help.

It's easy to say that if you're not the one being sued. Someone who sues another person could destroy their life if they win. That person (the one who was sued) could be thrown in debt, lose their car or even their house and be left unable to support themselves. You seriously think people shouldn't worry about that? Do you think the person who sued is going to care?

Sodapop40 21

People are inconsiderate assholes these days.

Sodapop40 21

Where I live, a lady got hit by a car and people actually swerved around her instead of helping her. She got hit a second time then died of her injuries. How can people be that souless?

I'd just like to point out that in a lot of cases it's the person's insurance company that actually sues, not necessarily the injured person.

Gosh, where are you guys from?? I've never seen anything like that! I live in Tasmania, Australia, and have often gotten faint and passed out in public. I've found the opposite problem, there's always heaps of people wanting to help me! Never have I been, or heard of anyone being ignored. Once I was in town, really upset because I had lost my car keys somewhere, and I was trying to retrace steps trying to find them. A couple offered to help me, and spent the next 20 minutes looking until we found them. Not everywhere in the world is shit... Yet.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

You can't really call people "selfish". It's called "The Bystander Effect". At first, when you hear about it you'll think "it's just some bullshit scientists throw out to not feel bad about themselves" but infact its true. Two psychological phenomenon's occur. The one stated up above and "The sheep effect" or "Herd Thinking". It may sound inhumane or selfish, but it's something that we, as humans, have developed to protect ourselves. Deny it all you want, claim how if you were there you'd help without giving second thought. Chances are, if you were in that situation, you'd just walk along like anybody else. Look at what the person above me posted. "My friend saw a guy fall off his bike, she went to help, AND THEN SHE WAS SUED". It's things like this that we just subconsciously decide it isn't worth the risk.

delamer 8

There is a crazy psychological term for it; "diffusion of responsibility". People in crowds tend not to take action, assuming someone else will do something. o.O

I've passed out a few times on public transit (I used to be extremely anemic). Someone has always helped me, giving me water, a seat, helping me up. I've also helped people who have passed out or felt ill. I also helped a woman who was having a seizure, and managed to save someone from getting trapped in an escalator by their shoelace using my trusty pocketknife. There are many reasons to be glad to live in Canada.

bamagrl410 31

I just don't understand what happened to the world to make everyone selfish, narcissistic and irresponsible just to name a few things. 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, things like this would've been scorned by society. Today someone just takes a video & posts it to Facebook so everyone can comment on it like they're some sort of scholar or news anchor & have the best opinion to offer everyone in the world. The age of technology is a sad state of affairs for the human personality.

It's not the age of technology that caused it. It's the age of being able to sue for anything.

AzzieC 12

Sorry to tell ya but that's pretty much all of America

I wouldn't say the world. I can think of a few countries where the outcome would have been more positive.

has happened to me, I feel your pain.

This happened to me too. I was sitting on a bench, next to the pharmacy, in Target. My boyfriend walked away to grab an item near by. I started to seize and no body stopped to try and help me. When my boyfriend saw me, he ran, and that's when employees started the help. But there had to have been at least 30 customers who saw me and didn't alert anyone. The workers in the pharmacy couldn't see me because there was a wall between them and where I was sitting on the bench. I couldn't believe that people carried on as if watching a pregnant woman have a seizure is completely normal.

87- im so sorry that had to happen to you. I've had a pregnant woman pass out on me when i worked at a fast food restaurant, and it really upset me. it could be that people simply don't know how to react, so decide to ignore it rather than try and help and make things worse, but sadly i think it's more likely that people are too self-involved to stop :( p.s. the woman was epileptic, but regained conciousness after a while. we closed while the medics came and attended to her, but the other customers were more bothered about getting their food than the unconscious woman on the floor, and had to be escorted out by security. yet another sad example of society nowadays

Thank you! You're a rare one that knows people's health is more important than making sure food is being made for the customers. After that happened, my doctors told me I'm not allowed to go anywhere alone anymore. People wouldn't know what to do with me. Oh well. I couldn't picture me walking by someone who is alone, having a serious health issue, and not stopping to see if I could help. It's every man for himself, these days, which is awful!

CharresBarkrey 15

87 - Not to say your situation wasn't scary or important, but in CPR and BLS class, they train you to not touch a person that's seizing - only to move objects out of their way. They also teach you to not call paramedics if the person has a history of seizures.

I'm aware of that. I was half way on/half way off the bench. If I fell and hit my head on the hard floor, I would have cracked my head open. Someone could have at least lay me down. No one did but my boyfriend. Also, a doctor who witnessed me seize in a public store told us that being on your left side makes it easier for the patient, who is seizing, to breathe. So I'm rolled to my left side, very delicately, every time someone is around and knows the situation.

If I saw someone seizing, I would call the paramedics! You never know if a stranger has a history of seizures. Better to be safe than sorry. In 5th grade I fainted during choir practice. When I woke up, I was looking at everyone's shoes and they were still singing.

If I saw someone collapse in a subway, I would assume they were drunk.

RedPillSucks 31

Well, the asshole isn't strictly a sexual organ. More like a piano.

@#60- Haha, I call 'people' humans too. So typical in human nature to not be as efficient, in our moral. This FML is just another perfect example for why this monetary economic system can't change.

The asshole is in no way intended to be a sexual organ. Butt **** it.

Wait... 67, how are assholes like pianos?

Not all of humanity is like this.. You just hear about the negative shit more than the positive..

Okay go ahead and type that on your human made keyboard sitting on your human made chair.

You would probably be the one to take a picture of the body with your human made phone instead of helping

Me to, I seen a video where a dog saved another dog hit by a car. And one where a little girl got ran over. 13 people walked around her as she laid in a pool of blood

princessbloky 12

If someone had helped them then it wouldn't be an FML.

Did you seriously think FML was the place to regain your faith in humanity?

Who said I was trying to regain it ? I simply made a comment on the FML story. Is that not what we do here ?

I agree. People are selfish and shit a lot of the time.

There was a show but I cant recall the name of the series but it basically had actors fall/faint or otherwise be injured in a public and they had cameras to see what people would do watching that will make you want to vomit. Kinda funny how in almost every situation they did a homeless person was the one to help the person in need. Humans are pathetic at as a whole get used to it.

perdix 29

There were 25 people who stepped over you and passed out? You may need to wear less perfume, or something.

bertman21 5

That's how I read this fml too. I thought 25 people had passed out around her.

Yup, I read it that way at first too...

This FML actually made my head hurt. Why are people so careless with the comma?

I also thought that the FML was because OP reeked of chloroform or something

That's a shame.. You weren't dressed like a bum right?

And why the hell should that make a difference?

xStaciexLynnx 15

They may have thought OP was sleeping on the bench...

bfsd42 20

Because bums frequently sleep in public. Have you ever tried to wake a sleeping bum? Not a great idea.

I was referring more to people seeing someone actually collapse.

hellobobismyname 24

42, OP never got to the bench. And I doubt a homeless guy would just sleep on a subway platform, right in the middle of it, where there's a large crowd. They usually find corners or doorways where it's slightly warmer. And anyway, if I saw a homeless guy collapse I'd still help. They're people too.

Unless the 25 other people didn't see him collapse, but saw him in an already collapsed state. This still doesn't absolve the people who did see him collapse but those who were there when he woke up may have only noticed a random guy sleeping.

CeeCee_fml 16

I'm sorry this happened to you. One of my cousins fainted on the subway in NYC and people immediately helped her out. I guess it depends on which crowd of people you happen to be around.

OhDearBetrayal 25

In Minnesota, if you even start to breathe funny a whole crowd of people huddles around asking you if you're okay or not.

I agree NYC has a stereotype of being full of rude assholes when in reality a lot aren't like that.. While yes some are the majority actually care about others.

Hate to be a realist but I'm guessing your cousin is pretty good looking if she was immediately helped out on a New York subway.

Minnesota is just one of those states where most of us are nice people.

That's because Minnesota is practically Canada, and we do the same things. I used to pass out a lot (I was extremely anemic) and people ALWAYS helped me.

Some people are such hard is it to call 911?

RedPillSucks 31

Someone may very well have called 911, but did nothing else to directly help.

That's what I was thinking. I bet at least one person would have helped OP if they knew how, but instead everyone was like, "Duuuuuh... Is she okay? Duuuuuh...What do we do?"