By Anonymous - 23/08/2015 12:35 - Australia

Today, while trying to lift a weight bar at the gym, I ended up cracking my rib cage and almost passed out. My friend, who was supposed to be spotting for me, couldn't help until the last second because he'd snuck off to flirt with a pair of guys halfway across the room. FML
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Tip 1: Make sure your spotter isn't being distracted before you begin to lift. Tip 2: Don't take your gay friend to a gym where muscular men show off their bodies and expect him not to be distracted.

mads_nicole 19

You might wanna pick a better spotter dude


Couldn't you have waited until he came back- or not lifted such heavy weights?

BonerFart 23

I agree with you. that's the point of being spot.

It says he snuck off. I don't think op realized his friend wasn't there until it was too late.

I'm of two minds on these comments as well as the fml itself, on one hand from the minimal benchpresses I've done its pretty hard to lose your spotted they are basically suppose to be right above you, I find it hard for them to sneak off. But he may have left as op started I guess so meh. For the fml itself he should have started smaller if he didn't know his limits.

ShirtlessWonder 17

Can't be sure though. The guy could've been going super hard and had his eyes closed or something like that. You should be able to trust your spotter to stay there and spot, shouldn't need to watch them.

He could've been doing a squat. Bench presses aren't the only bar weight exercises.

lexiale 10

Your friend isn't a very good friend

mads_nicole 19

You might wanna pick a better spotter dude

And why would he continue without a spotter? He didn't help himself either. Spotters are there for a reason, I hope you learn to cover yourself better next time OP.

he didn't realize he spotter was gone i think....

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why on earth were you trying to lift weights when your spotter took off? I'm not saying he's not at fault too, but that was pretty dumb of you.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Yeah almost as dumb as not reading the FML properly, it says he SNUCK OFF.

tantanpanda 26

When you're bench pressing, it's hard not to see your spotter that's right above you.

@65 Good point, but we don't know what exercise he was doing. Bench is obviously likely, but he could've been doing heavy squats as well, in which case he wouldn't know if his spotter left unless there was a mirror in front of him. With hundreds of pounds across your shoulders, if your body shifts a bit too far out of proper alignment, you can get seriously hurt. I shudder to think of it, but his ribcage could've tried collapsing in on itself under the weight, if he wasn't holding his breath. That could likely result in a fracture. Of course, I'm just speculating like everyone else. However, from the FML's wording, we can infer that OP was not at fault, whether that's true or not.

YourOpinionSucks 22

Your "friend" sounds like a typical piece of garbage. I don't know about the rest of you, but I go to the gym to work put, not flirt. If I wanted to flirt with strangers in a public forum, I'd go to a bar. Maybe bring someone more reliable to be your work out buddy.

I would rather meet someone with like-minded interests at the gym than try to meet at a bar. In my town, the bar is where you go if you're looking for a total sleazeball.

Tip 1: Make sure your spotter isn't being distracted before you begin to lift. Tip 2: Don't take your gay friend to a gym where muscular men show off their bodies and expect him not to be distracted.

Tip 3 make sure your friend understands what spotting means

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Tip 4. When all else fails tip the weight off to the side and drop it on the floor.

Are you really going to pull that card #22?

he's not necessarily gay though, maybe he's bisexual

Yes I am, 32, because literally accusing gay men of being unable to function around other men without giving in to sexual/flirtatious desires is pretty messed up.

I think it was a joke. Yes, you could say the same of a guy looking at attractive girls working out, or a girl looking at all the guys. You can argue it was a poor joke but I don't think he was trying to be homophobic about it.

Talis99 26

Seriously, #34? Maybe make a big deal about stereotypes when the person you're defending didn't just commit one.

#22 and #34, amen. you could've done without the "literally" (it would have meant the same) but I guess that's how they do it on the internet

also #49 you can't "commit" a stereotype

Alternatively, don't bring your straight female friend for the same reason

He didn't say that, #34. He said that they'd be distracted. Just like straight girls around hot guys, or straight guys/gay girls around hot guys, or bi people around hot people

MzZombicidal 36

#82, it said HE snuck off to flirt with some guys.

I'm bi, my friend is gay. Of course we notice other guys but we rein it in so we can work safely. Between sets or whatever is fine.


How about nobody look at anyone except the person they're spotting. ;P

What better place to pick up guys than the gym?

So you went to the gym for a six pack And came back with a rib crack...