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Today, after some great sex, my boyfriend mused: "You know, from this position, I could punch you in the cunt and you wouldn't be able to stop me." I could only relax when he finally fell asleep nearly an hour later. FML
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I don't think you should do that position again.

Lots of people. A guy was harrassing my friend once at school, touching her after her repeatedly telling him not to, and she clocked him right in the dick.


Saintly 2

I don't think you should do that position again.

zharks1010 18

Did he say it in a joking manner or a serious tone?

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Judging by OP's reaction, I'd assume he sounded a bit serious.

I agree. Personally, I think that OP should think about leaving him. Or at least keep it in mind. This could be the first step in an abusive relationship. I don't know of any other reason for him to say that. But then again, I don't know anything about the relationship or how long they've been together. I could be totally wrong. Which is why I say keep it in mind.

Interesting, I read it completely the other way. Random, not serious musing and OP being a bit weird about it. If OP genuinely feels threatened then yeah that's serious....but they just had "great sex" and she doesn't really hint that he's done anything like that before?

And before anyone says, yeah, I know abusive relationships can have ups and downs, which is partly why people stay. I just could totally see myself saying something weird lile that, though probably with nicer language, and it really being no more than a random thought, and something I'd never actually do. Pretty sure my boyfriend wouldn't feel scared either. I'm just wondering if OP's boyfriend had any clue that this was going through her head!

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15 what if it was a joke and op just took it wrong? This is nothing to break up over.

15- I swear to god it doesn't matter what the story is, there is always one person who thinks it's a good reason to dump someone. The most trivial matter in the world instantly becomes "break up with him now!!!!" on the Internet.

I mean, why would she wait until he falls asleep before she feels safe enough to sleep herself if she didn't think he might do it?

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I've noticed that "****" is getting more frequent in the fmls lately. I feel like it's the most derogatory term for both the anatomical part and personality, but hey, what do I know?

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@53 If you don't like the word then don't use it. I really don't see why it's viewed as derogatory anyway. I know it's considered sexist, but why us it considered sexist? I'm not expecting you to answer those questions, those are just my thoughts on it.

I know you said not to answer the questions but I'ma go ahead and do it anyway. The word is considered sexist because it's simultaneously the worst and most offensive (to many people) word in the English language and a word to describe female genitalia.

(cont.) That being said, it doesn't particularly bother me when people use the word, as long as it's not in super inappropriate situations

Well, if he tries anything, you can always retaliate by punching him between the legs as well...

Cunch you in the punt. Ahh haha that's great xD I want to start using that now... But I probably won't even remember in an hour lol. CURSE MY HORRIBLE MEMORY.

Find a position where you could punch his balls.

ViviMage 38

You need a partner whose idea of foreplay is not rough play!

Who punches someone and aims for their dick?