By Idle_Twin - 17/05/2015 17:53 - United States - Miami

Today, I was finishing my chest workout at the gym when this really cute girl started using the machine next to me. To impress her, I tried lifting a lot of weight on the barbell. It ended up landing on my neck and she had to help me get it off. FML
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Guys... Seriously, STOP trying to impress girls that way ("look at how I am strooooong!!!"), you always end up on FML with the shame.

At least you weren't using the shake weight.


At least you weren't using the shake weight.

ThatOneGuy719 16

Using the shake weight asserts dominance. I stare people directly in the eyes while using it.

OP would've been better off with a shake weight.

Today, I was using a shake weight. FML

well...... you got her attention alright. you will now be know as the guy who needs help working out

Next time, don't try to show off, instead try to befriend her, and end up becoming close

tchopper1969 16

that's what happens when you try to show off

Hey, check out my gai **gasping sounds**

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Trying to impress people never ends well...

Guys... Seriously, STOP trying to impress girls that way ("look at how I am strooooong!!!"), you always end up on FML with the shame.

askullnamedbilly 33

Also, it doesn't work. Most of the girls at the gym are there to, you know, actually work out. Not to ogle guys. I usually get weirded out (not turned on) by guys lifting absurd amounts of weights because they grunt and scream and generally look like they're trying to push out an enormous turd.

I think guys will end up occasionally actually pushing out an enormous turd if they strain too hard.

rldostie 19

I agree!! As a CrossFitter, I'm not going to be that impressed with how MUCH you lift. I'm going to be more impressed with the right form AS you lift. Good form beats crappy weight lifting any day. And for ladies who know about good form, we're going to be more interested in talking to you about form (so that we can improve!) than how much you dangerously just threw over your head.

brytonhansen 19

Please tell us again how you do crossfit....

I've genuinely laughed at men at the gym trying to show off. They load up with heavy weights, and do 1/8th of a rep and that's it. I'm always so tempted to show them how to do it.

The thing about crossfit is, it's a semi-independent franchise run mostly by what are essentially personal trainers who act like the guy in the fml. They're just trying to impress people by how much they lift. Though I have seen a few here and there that emphasize proper form over weight lifted. So take each cf group with a grain of salt and do your research to see if they're using proper form.

rldostie 19

*shrug* Every CrossFit gym is different. At mine, it's a year long internship before you can even start coaching and even then, there are certain standards you have to pass. We're obsessed with form, thus the long training period. People have a bad view of CF but it simple depends on the gym.

They just want to be like Goku, man. Trying to get that Super Saiyan status.

The Super Saiyan form is one of legend and not so easily attainable, especially by a mere human. They should know better. Then again... How insaiyanly awesome would that be??! xD

Then she felt sorry for you and you guys ended up dating, right? No?

After I read "tried to impress her" I stopped reading and automatically hit YDI.

YDI for being an idiot at the gym. If you want to impress girls, the gym is not the place to do it.