By gimpy - United States - Panama City
Today, I was carrying my coffee from the kitchen to the coffee table and couch. Last week I had ACL surgery, so I'm on crutches. Unfortunately, I got the urge to sneeze on my walk to the couch. I didn't make it to the couch before I sneezed and spilled coffee everywhere. FML
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By  sturschaedel  |  27

Having had ACL surgery and crutches a few years back I wonder: how did you carry the coffee in the first place? It's not like you have any hands free.

Next time consider putting the coffee in a thermos and carrying it and the cup in a bag.

Get better soon!

  MDoremis  |  38

Using just one crotch and having a free hand. I did that after my ankle repair surgery when I needed something and no one was home to get it for me. Or OP carried it by the rim of the cup in their mouth.