By crossfitter - 21/05/2015 12:22

Today, I decided to get in shape for swimsuit season, so I went to the gym. I tried to lift a barbell up and over my head, which was fine, until I dropped it. Exercise earned me a concussion and a neck brace. FML
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Start easy and know yourself

Also learn the proper form for various exercises and consult people who've been training with free weights for a few years.

Start with body weight.

Exactly. You don't just decide you want to go to the gym, pick up some weights and copy what the buff guys are doing. Stick to your body until you actually understand and have respect for what weights are.

That's why I don't excercise

body weight dumbbel lol

No pain, no gain! I believe is the saying.

That's why I prefer to stay inside.

I was imagining an indoor gym.

but outdoor swimming pool in which to wear the swimsuit

Ah yes #23 I always go skinny dipping in indoor pools.

Well at least you were up and trying to live a healthy lifestyle! Sorry that happened op! Just keep at it(:

That sucks dude. Make sure to have someone spot you next time-weights can be dangerous

Weights, just like guns, are not inherently dangerous. Idiots trying to use them are.

You should get aids.

That's why I personally like to stay inside

That really sucks op I hope you have an easy recovery from this injury

bareball is more dangerous than barefoot

did you read the FML?