By tarheels526 - United States
Today, the alarm on my phone went off. I picked it up, hit snooze, and dropped it back on my desk without looking. I woke up an hour later to find that I had dropped it directly in a full glass of water. FML
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  jeniilouise  |  0

it said it was an alarm phone so it could have been small enough
i can totally sympathize as i always 'snooze' and then just throw my phone wherever :)
its survived the washing machine though so a glass of water shouldn't be too damaging! give it a few weeks to dry...
think of it like this, you could have dropped it in something worse, be thankful for that lol

By  kblate1  |  0

Today, in band class, we were trying out professional models of our instruments. I play saxophone, so we transferred our own mouth-pieces for health's sake. When I had finished, I took off my mouth piece and put it back on my own sax. After 5 minutes, I realized I was playing the saxophone belonging to the gross guy next to me. FML