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Today, I was dying my hair a subtly different color. It was only supposed to turn my hair a shade or two lighter, but it seems someone at the store thought it would be funny to switch the dye in the boxes around. My hair is purple. FML
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It was my first time getting my hair dyed, and I only wanted it a little lighter and not pay 100 dollars compared to 10 dollars haha. And it sucked because I had to go to my waitressing job at a fancy restaurant right afterwords.

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perdix 29

The person that did that to you needs to eat shit and dye!

Wauw thats really unlucky! But on the bright side, purple hair is awesome!


Ali_Br_fml 33

Damn! Shave it off! Shave it all off!!! Lol

HowAreYouToday 34

... I'm sorry, I thought the red malicious advice mallard only worked on weekends.

Ali_Br_fml 33

Nope, weekdays too 16. (; & 14, I don't dye my hair, but I always thought you had to wait before doing it again or your hair would either fall out in clumps, or look hideous. ("Fried" as someone else put it) If she took that advice, she may not need mine, lol.

103- I dunno who told you that, but don't ever listen to them again :/ You could dye your hair ten times in a day, if you really wanted to. Most dyes these days don't hurt your hair much, if at all. What you shouldn't do too often is bleach or perm it; that will hurt your hair. But it still wouldn't fall out in clumps. I once bleached my hair twice and then dyed it, all in one afternoon, and my hair was fine.

Ali_Br_fml 33

Lol, my mom told me that back when I was 13 & wanted to dye my hair. It was probably true back then...or back in her days, but I guess not anymore. Or maybe it was just a tale to scare me out of doing it. You know what 110? You're right! I DO need to stop listening to her. :) Thanks ;)

Last time I checked they did have green hair. Unless this is an Oompa Loompa mixed with those creepy troll dolls with colored pointy hair that sticks up....

Don't you go putting down Treasure Trolls now! They were all that and a bag of chips back in the day.

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At a quick glance, I thought your name was noobstain. That's a horse of a different color.

Ultimate troll! Only thing the prankster couldn't see his masterpiece at work.

Ali_Br_fml 33

Unless she goes in to complain while the prankster is there. ;)

Next time, spend the extra few bucks for a stylist.

It's not like the product was faulty. Op just needed to check the label.

It's not like the product was faulty. Op just needed to double-check the label.

MaydayParadexx 18

6- I completely agree with you. It may be more expensive, but nothing like this would ever happen. Plus it is done better, and lasts longer. That sucks, OP, but you deserved it.

A few extra dollars? No. Hair dressers are expensive. Not everyone has the money.

Haha, no way 6 and 44. 1. I used to get my highlights done at a stylist's, cost an EXTORTIONATE amount of money and sometimes they'd leave roots to make you come back earlier. Finally got the confidence to switch to a box kit, best decision I ever made. £6 vs £80 and my hair looks fine. 2. I've heard a LOT of bleaching/dyeing horror stories about stylists, particularly leaving on too long and recommending damaging and dangerous methods. Just go on any related forum. 3. When I studied at college my classroom was next to the beauty class salon...I've seen the people who are training and joining the salons in my area and tbh, I wouldn't trust most of them to get a McDonalds order right, let alone go anywhere near my hair. So yeah, even if I COULD easily afford it, I don't think I'd go back.

Are you kidding? Where I live the cheapest place charges around 50-80$ to dye your hair, depending what you want done and how much hair it is. Most other places charge 100-150$ or more. If you want highlights or need to lighten your hair first, its 5-10$ per foil, which can easily total another 40-80$. I can do the same thing with (at most, depending what I'm doing) 1 box of bleach and 1 box of dye for less than 25$.

WrongRomance 11

I buy hair dye that's 2.99 a box. Since my hair is long I buy 2, so ultimately I spend about 7 dollars tops on my hair. I would never waste like 60 dollars for someone else to do it XD

MaydayParadexx 18

86- Hair accidents like that can happen ANYWHERE. However they're less likely to happen with a trained professional. If you stay with a certain salon/stylist, then it won't ever happen. This is coming from someone in cosmetology school right now: Box dye is a bad idea.

Always check the box. I've seen it as bad as pink and black being swapped.

What I was thinking: Who buy a box that has obviously been opened and does not check?

This wasn't the company's fault. It was a prank done by some dip shit. Suing doesn't fix everything.

#8's Comment annoyed me.. I should sue him so he can't comment anymore!

WrongRomance 11

The majority of boxes add a warning saying to make sure the information on the bottles inside the box match the information on the box, so there's not really a way you can sue the company.

What is it with you Americans and suing at every (ridiculous) chance you get?! Honestly, it definitively has its upsides and so do the punitive damages, but how is that the first thing you think about?!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#128- It's not just Americans, and it's not all Americans. Honestly, it pisses me off when ANYONE'S first suggestion is to sue---no matter where they're from.

perdix 29

The person that did that to you needs to eat shit and dye!

I hair you perdix but I think OP should just brush it off

Dont worry op I'm sure it will dye know what they say "hair today gone tomorrow"

BradTheBrony 19

These puns were the HIGHLIGHT of my day!

Then use monopoly money next time you buy things there. That would be funny too.

How do you know it was the seller and not just a random douche?

ma'am this money is purple... yeah like my hair

You're right i cannot know. I just got that impression. (:

error404n0tf0und 21

you will look like one of those troll toys, us know the ones.that are always naked

error404n0tf0und 21

poke out her eye and you're set!